Sanding in btwn coats of Tung Oil


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I did a search to see if this was talked about already...maybe I missed it

I just applied one coat of Tung Oil to my scarp swamp ash.....
When I sand before the next coat....what am I looking for when sanding? Am i sanding lightly? What should it feel like?
The can says use 400grit....but ive seen 320 mentioned here. Do I start with 320 and go up to 400 between every coat or start with one grit, apply more oil then use another grit?

I will say, even after one coat....there's already a bit of a 3D effect happening....depth in the wood.

I'm looking forward to using this finish...

Ya know... get some non clogging 320 (the expensive stuff at Home Depot).

Sand with the grain.

Apply more tung.  Repeat.

If it looks not smooth enough, sand with 400 - and expect to use a gosh darn lot of it too.

When I've done tung oil I've had very good results using 00000 or finer steel wool between coats.

My experience tells me that 320 is pretty course to be using between finish coats of just about anything and that if ones needs that heavy a grit one didn't do enough prep (take the wood down to a fine enough state before starting to finish.)

HOWEVER, I've also never tried using anything that heavy between coats of tung oil so I cannot necessarily say it's bad nor comment on what the results might be...
You might check the refinishing forum off the reranch website. 
Those guys a way good and really nice too.

They recommend wetsanding with the tung oil.  I did it on my
Black Korina LP Special body.  It smooths the wood and the
resulting slurry of oil and sawdust helps fill the grain and pores.

It works quite well.

Im on my 5th or 6th coat of grain filler and using 400grit to sand the stuff back....would use 800 if i was sanding between coats of tung oil finish.


if u are just prep for the next coat use numbr 0 steel whool

i dont know why u are using sandpaper but u are going to get a uneven surface, ive tung oiled ALLLLLL of my guitars, i am huge fan of it, ive stripped ibanez bc rich an jacksons both necks and bodys, and ive found the best result is the finest steel whool u can find....and wrap it on the surface so its flat, using a cloth to get it to conform helps sometimes

also dip it and drain it also in denatured alchohol, the tung oil will be completely resustant, but this wet sanding effect will clean and basicaly polish the surface for next coat

look up in misc guitars the shreding machine it smy only pic but its a tung oil finish

repreat dont use sand paper, it makes the surface wavy.....use steel whool its the best thin u can use

if u hve any questions on this, call carvin, they are a leader in tung oil finishes, and they can help u.....but dont use sand paper its a waste and doesnt do as good of a job at steel whoolh
Thanks for the replies guys...

I've used sand paper after one coat and it was fine.....

But i'm going to give the steel wool a try as well