Tung Oil Matte Finish - How many coats?


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I’ve got a project body going where I am using big box store Tung Oil “finish” (so not pure tung oil) and I want to go for a matte natural looking finish. How many coats would you suggest I use for that kind of look and to still get some protection for the wood from sweat and the elements?

The body is mahogany and the top is maple, if that matters.

Hi there,

If you use hand-wiped, there might need 4-6 layers, and please ensure each layer dry completely.
And if you just brush on it, then maybe 2-3 times will be enough.
I would just go until it feels right (yeah, really helpful, Ian) and then knock it down with a gray scotchbrite pad to get a nice uniform matte finish. 4-6 wiped-on coats seems like it'll get you there.