Said I'd cross that bridge when I get there, but which bridge do I cross?


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K, here's a rookie question, but questions are made to be asked. I'm gonna build a Strat with a Pro CBS neck, a 1-11/16 wide nut, and staggered pickups. Which bridge do I use? I'm thinkin' I'm supposed to use the Narrow spaced bridge, but I'm not sure.  :help:
I've always understood that the narrow spaced bridge is what you would use if you were using Gibson-style humbuckers.
RLW is correct. When I ordered my body blank the rep advised me to have the Narrow spaced bridge routs because I chose humbucker routs for the pickups.

Thanks for the input so far, but I guess I should've made one detail clearer. I meant to say I'm going to use staggered single coil pickups. Now which bridge do I use?  :help:
If I'm not mistaken, the American Standard bridge has a string spread of 2 1/16" which is one of the narrowest.  I personally think the 2 7/32" vintage width is a bit too much for the Strat's angled bridge coil.  One of the fixed vintage bridges that Warmoth carries is actually wider than that by 1/32".
staggered pole pieces have nothing to do with string spread. One is a hight deference of the pole pieces to even out he volume between strings, the other is the distance between one string and another.