Rosewood Les Paul Photo Update


I hope this posting works, as I am a computer gook, not geek. This is a hollow body Indian Rosewood LP from the Warmoth showcase with a padouk neck. It is almost finished, lacking only the truss rod cover and a custom ebony pickguard, both of which will feature custom inlay by Craig Lavin. Please let me know if the link works.
Hummmm "How does it sound?" [2]

Nice guitar!! Perhaps a little overload by the black hardware, but it's a cool guitar!
And nice inlay work! This guy knows how to do!
What is the meaning of the inlay alike logo? It's your last name?
Thanks for checking it out. The logo is a name given to me by friends who liked my home brew beer some 20 years ago. Yes, it is a pun on my last name "Diklich". Inspiration for this one came from a Bennedetto arch top that looked equally dark, almost like an old viola. The ebony pickguard inlay will show flying fish fleeing the dorado and should brighten things up a bit.

Now, how does it sound? The Pagebucker wiring harness with the 4 push/pull pots lets you dial in scads of tonal variations, and I really haven't explored all of them yet. The luthier who wired it and set it up said the sustain was remarkable and that the setting that put the two pups in series "is really cool, with all the crunch anyone could want." Unfortunately, I couldn't define crunch if you payed me. Lindy Fralin recommended his 8K/9K pups to me because of the wiring. His comment was that the sound of these pups combined with all the tonal variations should let you dial in just about any sound. I am playing through a Roland Jazz Chorus 77 and usually add an effects pedal. All that clean sound really emphasizes the effects, from metal to blues to country. Alone with the JC77 chorus is also a treat.

I'm 57 and just started playing electric again after a 25 year accoustic layoff, so all my sound comparisons are lost in my failing memory. My "phenominal" rating for the sound of this one must be taken with a grain of salt. I'll post again when the final inlay are done, and should have had the opportunity to let more ecclectic players try her out by then. I'll let you know.       
Cool guitar.

I don't know if your an Alice in Chains fan but even if your not you should check out the Les Paul that Jerry Cantrell plays in the Would? video, very similar to what you've got there and also very cool.

You can probably google a pick of Jerry Cantrell if your interested.
14 coats of hand rubbed McFaddens on the body, and John Kinnaird's 12 coats on the neck. You can see your detailed reflection from across the room. I can't seem to get it on film, but the depth of the finish brightens the whole thing, especially the deep red padouk neck. I originally wanted to go naked with the neck, but John convinced me the gloss would exagerate the padouk and he was right. I'll google and check out your comparison guitar. Sound update: I got a chance to hear a really good lead player on it head to head with his Gibson LP (mahogany and maple with Gibson pups [490?]) and the Warmoth blew the Gibson away. Gerry worked from Page to Knopfler to Reggae,  then offerred me his wife and his Gibson in trade. She's a good cook, but....