replacement neck question


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Under "Other Known Incompatibility" it lists "Fat Strat® - 22 fret, no overhang"

What exactly is this incompatibility?

If I want to replace the neck on my MIM Fat strat do I have to get a Total Vintage? I don't really care about the extra fret, but having a compound radius neck would be nice.
that is a strat with a slightly diferent neck and pocket. it is a bit closer to the bridge and the board has "no overhang" i don't know if mim fat strats are like this or just usa fat strats. the overhang vs. no overhang is not the problem just the neck pocket position. to check yours for compatability remove the neck, does the end of the fret board exten past over the top of the pick guard? if yes the guitar has a compatible neck pocket. that is to assume you have a 22 fret neck. all 21 fret fender necks have a compatible pocket, that is not to say you wont have a p/u clearence problem if you add a 22 fret neck on a 21 fret guitar. i hope that was clear.

if you have one of these weird 22 fret necks with no overhang you're SOL. just build a new guitar. you can always borrow parts from the MIM strat. that is just my opinion of coarse. it is posible to either fill the neck pocket or move the bribge but it's a bit of a hassle. you can also fill and redrill the neck and body holes and leave the gap, just make sure the nut is just over 25.5 inches from the bridge saddles. an aditional 1/8" should be enough for good intonation. a 21 fret pick guard can help with alignment and hide any unsightly gaps. good luck!
looking at the guitar - it looks like there's plenty of room for the extra fret - though I think the pick guard would have to be cut.
GoDrex said:
looking at the guitar - it looks like there's plenty of room for the extra fret - though I think the pick guard would have to be cut.

You should not have to cut anything!!! eeek!  :eek:
does your guitar already have 22 fret?
the problem is with fat strats that have 22 frets factory.

the extra fret goes over the fret board. if your guitar has 21 frets it's smooth sailing.

if you have 22 frets and the pickguard can be removed with the neck on, you have an incompatable body.

Myu neck was wating for me when I got home.  I'm faced with this same issue.  It looks like the fingerboard overhang will lay on the pickguard.  Is this normal?  I don't should there be some clearance on this?
The overhang is normal on any Fender that originally had a 21 fret neck.  The problem arises when you try to put an neck with 22 frets and an overhang on a body that originally had 22 frets without an overhang.