Recommendations for an awesome online teacher


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maybe you've heard of Tom Hess, but he's a great guy, he's giving corrospondent lessons and all kinds of other lessons, but I can recommend the corrospondent lessons, cause those are the ones I'm taking.

I've made alot of improvement just after one lesson, granted, I'm far from being a beginner, but he gave me so much useful advice and techniques my picking problems are GONE !!!!!!!! :D

I can finally play those fast petrucci runs cleanly and efficiently and my hands don't feel like falling off after.

he also has a forum for students where you have more resources and students chatting and also other teachers, which is cool too, cause some stuff I am practicing from the forum.

his lessons are not a bunch of excercises (trust me, i done my share, and i also got tons of books and other stuff by most bigtime guitarists) but are built for us guitarists to understand what we need to do in order to acheive maxium musicianship.

I suggest that if some of you guys been feeling stuck that you try this guy out:

these are the lessons I'm taking:

only one request please guys, if you do sign up, please write Ariel Meyer in the refferal part.
also put up some more info here