I have the itch for another. Need pics for inspiration


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I'm taking a computer coding bootcamp course right, which ends exactly one month from today.  Since the class started on Oct 14th, I've played less than an hour total.  Since Covid I've setup my dining room to be my office, and I have guitars displayed proudly.  Everyday, I see them....and they taunt me.

As a present to myself for finishing the class, I'm feeling the itch to make another.

So far, I've made....

A Tele (Bill Lawrence blade Tele bridge and Strat neck pups)
A Hybrid Tele (2 hb's, 1sc and a trem)
Velocity with 24.75" Tiltback Strat neck (2hb's)

I'd like to make something that I don't have or haven't made.  Either a 7/8th's Strat/Tele, Jazzmaster or another Tele.  Something with 24 frets.  Also, a Mooncaster (22 frets) compells me too.

I know we have a bunch of Tele pic threads, but has anyone made a Tele with a 24 fret 25.5" neck?  Would love to see some pics.  Kind thinking of a 24 fret Tele with a Floyd.

Also, would love to see Jazzmaster pics with the 25.5" 24 fret neck.  I've never played one, but based on pics, looks like it would be a fantastic host for a 24fret neck due to the really easy upper register access.  I've read that they are exceptionally comfy to play when sitting also.
Please post pics of a 24fret JM if you have one.

And the 7/8th's setup seems really interesting.  How do these hang on a strap?  I'd think the Tele one might actually be more comfortable with a strap?
Please post pics of your 7/8th's

Also, has anyone ordered a neck with fret slots, but without frets to do your own fretboard inlay work, along with installing your own frets, and how did it come out?
I know I'm not answering your question but  l think you'd like the book 1001 guitars to dream of playing before you die.  Lot's of ideas.