PRS style body cut out!


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sears finaly shipped the saw blade i needed for the band saw, so i got to work on the body blank today. here are some pics!



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Lookin good, man.  You have my respect for doing the body yourself.  I would love to give it a go, but I am lacking in tools and space for something like that.  Keep us posted on your finishing trials and tribulations.  When this thing is complete you will truly be able to say "I BUILT this guitar", unlike me who can now proudly say " I assembled this guitar" !!!! :laughing3:
another day off and some more work on the old prs body. perimiter sanding and roundover routing were done today. Im a virgin with the router so i ended up scorching the corners a little. just means more sanding for me. Im getting a little excited about this...couldnt sleep at all last night thinking about the end result of my work today. probably a trip down to the hardware store tomorrow for scrapers/files to start putting in the tummy cut and trademark prs hand access carve. thanks for the kind words guys!javascript:void(0);


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thats awesome none the less.
are you planing on a tummy cut or any thing of that nature?
yes, the dark stuff you see on the body is brown burn marks from the have to go pretty fast on that thing to not get a burn mark. im not sure what tools i will use for doing the two carves on this..i was thinking a curved spokeshave for the tummy cut and a large half-round file for the hand access but im not sure what the best tools would be for those cuts.

Try a Sureform;

Search for different shapes and sizes, they work great, shaped many a neck with these.
thanks for the advice guys. I whent with the surform idea. got one that looks like the one in the link. using this thing gives you an apreciation of the craftsmen who used to work without electicity......very slow going, lots of elbow grease. it'll probably take me a few days a little bit here and there for the tummy cut...its a huge amount of wood that has to be removed. if i did it with a power tool i might mess things up.

keep the router burn. acts as good binding  :laughing11:  but seriously, that things lookin saweet.! keep us posted!
if i did it with a power tool i might mess things up

I inherited a number of old carbon steel tools from my grandfather, chisels and whatnot; there is nothing that can be ruined with power tools that can't be done as well with hand tools. If you were in a hurry to get playing you'd buy a Squier on Ebay, right? That guy Stradivarius did OK it seems - maybe it was the candlelight. :hello2:
small update, sorryn no pics

tummy cut is done! it looks real nice but i didnt go as deep as i had originaly planned. I decided that i wanted to keep the weight of the body up but their is still i nice carve in the thing. distroyed two 60 grit sanding spounges cleaning up the router burn.

pics in a while when i get access to a camera again.

worked on the lower horn carve today. used a dremmel with a carving bit. came out a little lumpy so im gonno get another surform to clean this one up. the tummy carve was done just with the surform and came out better than i could have posibly imagined.


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