On Fire Flame Thinline


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I’m finally getting started on the 5A Flame Thinline.  The body is at my set-up guy’s shop getting the Ferrule holes drilled so the Ferrules sit flush with the body.  In the mean time the neck is finished.  Here are shots of the neck in the box and now finished. I have to get the body done so the neck has a place to feel attached.



Man, knowing the kind of finishing work you do, I am so very excited to see this project progress!  I also think that I have become a Tele junkie.  I had planned some more Warmoth builds, but they have all become Tele's in my head! 
OK tonar, I expect you to make my head explode with this finishing job - no pressure, mind you. Nice woods!
Louie, this forums not just made me a tele junkie, I'm a Tonar junkie as well :p Can't wait for the result of this one, man!
Holy smokes! I thought the vertical and horizontal hold were going out on my monitor. Nice to know it was only a couple of beautiful pieces of wood.

So what color are you going to paint the body?  :doh:

Speaking of finishes, what's planned? So many would go well with that. I think a nice transparent red would be fantastic, maybe with black undertones.

Wow!  That is a gorgeous flame on both pieces.  I want to do a nice quilt or flame top at some point.  I want to keep learning more about finishing though.  
That flame is just so CLEAN looking.. Not gaudy at all, but nice, neat and classy.. I am envious. That neck finish is gorgeous and will only get better with time. 
So what color are you going to paint the body?

Related, but off topic, has anyone ever done a 3-D dye job on a flame maple neck[/quote

I can answer both questions with this picture of the back of my 1959 Gibson ES 350T.

The color I am going for is very similar to the colors you see on the neck up by the headstock.  The only difference is that I will use a transparent black.  Yes you can dye maple necks and shade them with a burst to make a beautiful finish.  I considered doing this guitar neck that way but I do not like lacquer on the back of my necks so it is oiled.

Tonar, we're going to picket outside your house until that body is finished.

Crowd of unofficialwarmoth protesters:

If Warmoth ever started a custom shop, they'd do well to pay you a fortune to work there