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hi, im new here and have five to ten questions that can be answered on the main site, or in older threads.
so here they go. how many strings does a warmoth have?
what is a pickup and how do i plug it in....
ok thats enough, any way,
all newbie questions should be asked here, to avoid bogging down the general discussion any more than it is.

here are some links to some good resources.
you get the picture every thing you need can be found on the site, or with a bit of research.

i bet if you ask really nicely cb can give you some links to some good finish sites.

so ask away, and don't be afraid just be skeptical and paranoid
not too sure Gregg will appreciate your link to a Warmoth competitor Schmoop, so you might want to edit out the WD Music link (even though they also offer other items besides bodies and necks)

all the best,

If he's one of us, then that mean we're one of them.  And if we're one of them, well.. then I want my employee discount dammit!