New Frankenpartsocaster


I just completed this Warmoth build last night.  Warmoth Ash with bookmatched maple top, Warmoth neck, Duncan '78 pickup, Schallers, a trusty early '80's Floyd.  I'm quite pleased with the results.
yes sir thats my kind of guitar. the top on that looks uniuqe give us a close up of it when you get a chance. i  love it what kind of pickups in it.
                  thanks kayle
Here is the body only pic from the site that attracted me to it in the first place.  Warmoth does a fabulous job on their photography, (as well as everything else).  I've been looking off and on for awile now, when I saw this I said there it is.  I bought it, THEN I told the wife.  I'm very pleased and looking forward to my next build. 
As far as tone goes, This body is a bit brighter and has a nice top end, probably because of the maple top.  My old body was a red Fender HM that I beieve was poplar.  I have about a years use on the Warmoth neck I used in the build so it is just right.  I was amazed and how perfectly the neck fit into the slot of the body, just a perfect match.

Looks beautiful - which of the finishes is that ? I've been looking at similar finishes for my build - just awesome.
I ordered more Warmoth stuff, including a new maple neck, satin finish to put on another build I am doing. When it arrived, this neck was so wonderful right out of the box I put it on this one.  Amazing quality thanks again Warmoth.   :headbang: