Neck seems to be set too high above body


I’ve just put together a Warmoth Tele body and neck.  Everything looks great except that the neck seems to sit too high above the body. Even with the bridge saddles raised to the maximum height, the string is just barely above the fingerboard and buzzes badly.

The neck is 1 inch thick and the rout in the body is 5/8 deep, just as it’s supposed to be, so I’m not sure what is wrong, maybe the angle?

Has anybody run into this before?

We really need more info before answering.... What bridge? Pix wouldn't hurt, either.
Thanks, sorry.

Joe Barden Bridge.  Hope the photos attached help.


Yeah, that definitely looks way too high. Appears to be about 5/64", or about .156". Just looked at my Tele, I don't think I could fit a business card between the guard and the bottom of the fingerboard. Also checked my Strat, there's a little more room, but probably less that 2 business cards. Difference probably due to different guard material thickness.

Did you check the pocket for finish build up at the base of the heel? My necks look like the same thickness as yours measures. In the picture of the side on the neck, it looks as if the heel isn't sitting flush against the floor of the pocket. Finish build up at the base of the heel would angle the neck up and create a gap like you have.
Thanks.  I cleaned the pocket out pretty well, so even if I could scrape a little more out, i don’t think that would get me what i need.  What’s baffling is the the neck thickness and pocket depth seem to be correct, according to the Warmoth diagram online, so why doesn’t the neck seem to set correctly?
I suspect that the neck is not fully seated on the heel side.  Looks like there is a small gap there from the pics.

and yes - that does not look normal!
Mayfly said:
Looks like there is a small gap there from the pics.
Exactly, it looks as if the heel isn't sitting flush against the floor of the pocket. Remember, the sides of the heel aren't parallel, it doesn't slide in, it presses into the pocket from above.
Thanks, I’ll take it apart and make sure I’ve cleaned out the pocket as best I can.

Still hard to see how that will get me enough, but definitely worth a shot.

The Stew-Mac shim is an idea also.  Seems like cheating, but it might be preferable to routing the pocket deeper, which seems like my only other option.  I’d sand down the heel of the neck, but the anchor for the truss rod is there and would only allow me to get another 64th of an inch or so.

Thanks everybody for the suggestions!
I had that happen quite a few years ago on the blue sparkle tele that I built for a friend.  The neck was just a hair on the thick side, the route was just a hair on the fence side.  In my case I was able to get at work but things are set very high.  And your case I'm not sure what the right answer is.