Neck humb to pair with bridge BBQ?


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It seems i can't find a texas/bbq set 4 conductors in zebra available.
In Warmoth store found BBQ 4 cond. zebra, so which neck humbucker can i pair with it?
Thought of SD'59 Neck, or... other suggestions?  :help:
Warmoth doesn't always have all PUs in stock; I've had to order several direct from Rio Grande; you really need the TX neck PU with the BBQ bridge....  I have one TX/BBQ set coil tapped in a build, but never wind up hitting the tap switching as they sound so good....
But what about pricing?
Direct price of Rio Grande website is more than what you can find on dealers like Warmoth.
Did they offer discounted price or they mantain full list price?
Also what can i expect in terms of shipping time?
Maybe there's another problem for direct ordering because i live in Italy and also exist an official importer,
but, we are italian  :sad1:, and price is a lot higher than direct buying in USA! 
Think of buying a BBQ for 140$, i think it's too much overpriced  :sad:
You do have to pay the list price for PUs ordered from Rio Grande direct; but I just do that as they does not appear to be anyone that sells/stocks ALL their pickups. Being in the states I just call them, they are very good to work with and have always shipped my orders same day or next day. Don't know about dealer situation for Italy... You should email them...
Thanks jack for all your reply  :rock-on:

But  :icon_biggrin:, you leaved me with a curiosity on this post about Warmoth and Gibson woods.

Thanks again.
I've paired the BBQ in the bridge position with these in the neck position with good results:

Rio Grande Texas
Rio Grande Tallboy
Seymour Duncan Jazz
Seymour Duncan Allnico Pro II