My first build, Green Swamp Ash Tele


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The body isn't from warmoth, i got it off ebay, but i just ordered a rosewood tele neck with gold frets from warmoth, expected to arrive on the 6th.

i used black grain filler, dyed the top green, and sprayed the sides black.

All gold hardware, no pickguard.





More pics when neck arrives.
Thomas3D said:
You can get blank control plates. I think Guitar Fetish sells them.

Exactly where i got it from; i liked the idea of a LP style switch on a tele.

The taller switch assembly won't get in the way of playing? :dontknow:
I just looked, an LP switch in the middle position is only like 1/8" taller than a blade switch in the middle position, maybe less.
So I never intended on the current body to be the permanent body, it is a solid (VERY HEAVY) piece of swamp ash i got off ebay for $50. Being my first guitar i put together i I was able to practice my finishing and mounting on it.  I now know i want a lighter body and found one with an f hole, and after dropping $80 in price in the showcase, i snatched it up.  

Arrives on tuesday (6/9) more updates once i get to the finishing. i think this neck and gold hardware is going to look good on this body.