My BucketCaster Deluxe


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Hello all going to Use this Thread to Update my Build of my own version of my Dream guitar
On order from Warmoth at moment
1)A Vintage modern 1 piece Indian Rosewood neck 59 roundback 22 frets no inlays side marker mother of pearl 6150ss frets
2) Swamp ash Telecaster deluxe body oly white tummycut,contoured heel,custom forearm, hipshot bridge rout 3 ply Pickguard for covered Humbuckers
Went with Hipshot Flat mount bridge and openback locking tuners in nickel.
For pickups i have
Gibson Classic 57+Bridge Classic 57 neck 4 conductors
Electronics are From Emerson prewired
Cts 500k push pull with bumble bee capacitors and 50’s wiring.switch craft 3way switch. Have 2 Tesi Kill switches but may only put in one depending if my electronics harness can do what i want when done
Have a custom neck plate made will update as some parts come in but i am few months out on body neck maybe 3 more weeks
Some items i have
This build looks perfect for me! I will pm you my shipping info when you complete it!(y)
Thank you for putting in so much forethought and care into the build, I do look very much forward to receiving it! No rush.
It makes me feel pretty good that someone that is Skilled in the Arts such as yourself has taken an interest in my endeavor! 😏
It makes me feel pretty good that someone that is Skilled in the Arts such as yourself has taken an interest in my endeavor! 😏
I am NOT super skilled, just determined to have fun! More of a player than a builder, though I can do a decent set up. No off the shelf guitar really interests me any more. But thank you, and I do like what you are building. Let me qualify my player statement by saying from the sample of most all the guitar playing I have heard from forum members, I would rank in the bottom third in skill and talent level.
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I love the clear/white gibson knobs.

The Hipshot bridge is great and super comfy.

Watch out for the saddles. My strat has one from 2009/10. The 9s I use actually wore a groove in the high e saddle. Not bad, but just enough to click and make sitar sounds.
A bit of sand paper solved it twice.

I'm not sure if the saddles are any harder in newer versions.
How is our guitar coming along?
Waiting for my warmoth parts i have everything else neck maybe with in 2 weeks body will come end nov beginning december 😶 so i have time to Dream and Dream i am fixing my other guitar i have had for ever in the meantime have some emg parts on order to curb my appetite
Neck has shipped! Ordered on august 8 shipped sept 7 raw indian rosewood
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