Moony - 1st warmoth and 1st tele project


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Introducing Moony

Swamp ash body
Arctic white
SD Little 59
SD Quarter Pounder
Gotoh Bridge

Pro neck with the standard thin contour
AAA Birdseye neck with 'vintage' tint
Planet Wave tuners - they're awesome
graphtec nut

standard tele wiring - thought about splitting the humbucker decided against it for now.

She's my new favourite guitar. Sounds awesome in all 3 positions - very warm but still has lots of highs.

More pics.

Another project is already underway. 1 piece swamp ash strat body that I''ve filled with a dark brown filler and I'm currently on my 5th coat of tung oil - 1 a week with some steel wooling every 2nd coat or so.
Beautiful!!!  There is just something special about a simple white tele like that.  a classic!    :eek:ccasion14:
Very very nice! I really like that look, simple on the surface but step closer and behold the pimpness  :icon_smile: