Mixing Stain...Blue Stain Project


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With my Stew Mac book research and a butt load of calculations I started to mix my stains tonight.  Well, throw the book out!  Just wing it.  I'd been warrned (some lessons I just have to learn Tonar) that you just have to eyeball your mix ratios, but I thought I'd try to measure things out and provide some help to the board by giving some mix ratios.

Anyway I'll split what I mixed tonight, thin one out and add stain to the other, and end up with what I'm looking for. (I hope)

I really need to buy some GOOD rubber gloves.  The disposable ones don't cut it....

Pic's coming soon..........

p.s. My Birdseye/birdseye reverse strat neck turned out really nice. (pic's soon also)
I just did blue stain on my LP....

There is a great deal of variability to the color (hue) of the stain depending on the wood and how the stain is absorbed.  It tends to go turquoise if used directly, downright green if cut first, but hold up well when used in a color coat over sealed wood.  Even on absorbant paper, the blue stain will seperate into different shades as its absorbed into the pores of the paper.

Next guitar (tele thinline) will be stained the same way, as I want it to match the LP closely, but I'd be inclined to seal with shellac first, then do a thin coat of blue dyed lacquer to get a nice blue geetar.
re: "real" gloves

for all you DIY finishers out there, you should try the two ply NITRILE / LATEX gloves when working with solvents. The Nitrile holds up extremely well under agressive solvents like lacquer thinner and MEK, and they are tight fitting enough to give you good control. They're a little more expensive, but not that much.

100 gloves for about 12 bucks at your typical import store like Harbor Freight...but make sure you get the two ply NITRILE / LATEX, not the straight latex verisions. Latex is totally worthless for strong solvents.


cool, thumb... great to hear (and soon see ;) ) that this guitar is coming along!
I've been so busy!  The project is sitting here waiting on me to get my shit together.

This summer sucks.  Work has been a bitch not to mention the rain and flooding (Southeast Kansas! didn't get to my house but I did move out for the weekend)

Of course buying a new amp slows everything else in your life down a little  :guitaristgif:  just can't let that thing sit there.

I'll get to work, pic's soon.....