Minwax wipe-on poly > After curing?


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Greetings all!
Well - my mahogany body has been sitting for 32 days since the last coat (7 total) of Minwax wipe-on Satin Poly,
and I can't seem to remember what is recommend as the next and final step before assembly and use.
It looks really good as it is now, so I don't want to get into micro-mesh polishing or anything like that.

Something in the back of my mind is saying >
> wipe it down with Formby's Lemon Oil - and then again with naphtha - and then Preservation Polish, but I really don't know for sure.

Any and all thoughts are welcome.
Thank you!

Interesting . . . but no swirls to remove as far as I can see and that's when wearing an optivisor.

I just want to seal it up as tight as possible and not polish off any finish.
When I use satin lacquer on a neck, I just rub it down with with 0000 steel wool to remove any nibs from the spray.

With a wipe on I used on a table build I just left it alone and started using the table 48 hours later because I didnt want to make the final finish be the steel wool rub marks.
I made the mistake of trying to micro-mesh my last body finish before this one.
Messed it up.
Oh yeah, I didn't see that ... if you want satin DO NOT USE SWIRL REMOVER. Just leave it. You're done.