LSR with tilt back headstock



I know W won't do an LSR prep for a tilt back, but is it at all possible to have it done aftermarket?
lsr's go in a groove like a fender but wider. tilt headstocks have nuts that but up against the end of the fret board and have a radiused back. if you had a groove on a tilt headstock you would have to be mindfull of the strings hitting the wood behind it. also not sure if the lsr itself has the clearence for an agressive string angle.

as an alternative graphite works awesome as long as it's cut properly.
IMHO it's a bad idea to try an LSR nut with a tilt back headstock.
The LSR nut has sponge bits behind the ball bearings, which are aligned for a straight headstock.
With a tilt back headstock, you might even make contact with the body of the nut...loads of friction.
(Which defeats the object of having a low friction nut...)

Go for a Graphtech or Slipstone nut...they work better than the LSR, even in a straight headstock  :party07: