Korina / Rosewood VIP


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This is my first 100% Warmoth project!

Hollow Warmoth VIP body made out of Black Korina
Cream binding
Tobacco Burst Finish by Warmoth
Raw Rosewood Neck
Standard thin, 1-3/4" nut width
Macasar Ebony Fingerboard
SS6105 Stainless Steel frets
Planet Wave Auto Trim Tuners
Rio Grande BBQ & Texas Humbuckers

The result is fantastic as expected :)

I said it on the old board and I'll say it again... this is one of the sexiest guitars I've ever seen. One day I absolutely need to do an all-rosewood neck
nathan a said:
I said it on the old board and I'll say it again... this is one of the sexiest guitars I've ever seen. One day I absolutely need to do an all-rosewood neck
It's true, this guitar build is outstanding.  8)
Thanks :)
I am thinking about replacing the neck though.. It has the slightly wider nut, which I thought I needed because of my big hands.. but even though the difference is so small, I still have a hard time getting used to it.
The other problem is that when I had this set up by a 'professional' guitar technician, (aparently) he started screwing the wrong screw in the "contoured' hole..  this caused one fret to slightly rise and causing some buzz on the high b and e string.. and it's annoying the hell out of me that there is an imperfection on my dream guitar  :mad: :mad:
the technician.. also owner of the store is a really nice guy and he offered to do some free future work for me (although he never actually admitted to doing this) but I decided to use someone else going forward.
for those reasons I am not playing it often enough, which is a shame, because it sounds and looks so great.

Hey, m4rko, Yeah that is a nice piece of Black Korina for sure, nice touch with the binding as well, Im sorry to hear about the neck,no doubt you paid a nice price for that piece,Quite the Hefty neck, a 1 3/4 nut width, Damn! bet theres some tone and sustain with that log?? I was wondering what your thoughts were on tone with the all rosewood neck compared to the usual maple/rosewood most of us have played on ??
It looks like it would be very sleek and smooth from a players standpoint, I was also wondering if you noticed tonal differences when building a larger bodied guitar like the VIP as oppossed to say a strat???
I ask because Im contemplating going for maybe an SG body or maybe a Paul Special, something with a little more girth, my thought would be that it may have more of that ooomph factor to it, especially Mahogany.
Hope ya get yourself a nice new neck soon, be a real shame to not be playing that sweetheart. later. :)
That is about the classiest guitar I have ever seen. Makes me want to have one just like it.. Very, very nice build.

Thanks :)
Superbeast, the Rosewood neck feels great, and totally sold me on 'raw' exotic necks!
It's hard to describe the tone.. It sounds warm, but still very clear.. I guess that's also due to the ebony board and ss frets.
I haven't had a rosewood neck on a strat yet (but I will :)) so I can't compare.

But for now I am saving up some money for my next project: a Hollow Korina Strat with a Ziricote neck. I need to save some extra money, because this one will get a very nice exotic top.. either figured walnut or... figured brazillian rosewood.
I too used an unfinished rosewood neck / macassar ebony board combination on my Warmoth Paul.  It sounds like nothing I've ever heard before; and, that raw rosewood neck just plays like butter.  I love it.  The tone is warm; but still articulate.  I used Highorder pickups on mine.  The asymmetrical wound A2 bridge pickup adds an interesting "snarl" on the upper notes that blends really nicely with the warmth of the rosewood.  The overall distorted tone is really complex, which is what I was looking for.  My previous guitar (a '71 Gibson SG Custom) just sounded sterile and dark on the bridge pickup.
Very sexy build on the VIP.  Hope you can get that neck thing worked out.

Hey guy's Love them unfinished necks, 2 beautifull guitars, If I would have had more experience when I ordered I would have gone the same route, I definantly will on my next one though, Im thinking Wenge, as Greg says nothing but great stuff about it and he's seen em all so I think thats my next Neck wood choice.........man, so many guitar parts so little time !!!!!.........heheheehhhehe :laughing8:
Whew. Killer.  The binding really adds class.  Choice everything! :icon_thumright:  If my build comes out half that nice, I'll be stoked.

Later, Shane
Beautiful instrument.  I just ordered mine last Wednesday.  I hope it turns out half as decent as yours...If not, I won't be able to post the pics..LOL... Anyway, what kind of case do you keep it stored in when you two aren't hangin by the pool??  I've been looking on line and I haven't been able to find anything for a PRS style body and I'm too nervous to pick up one of those "fits most guitars" cases..
Dude, that's a fantastic VIP! How do you like the Gotoh 510?