Korina / Bloodwood Strat!


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I was hoping for a picture section on the new forum! Great Job on the new format!! :)
and honored to post the first Strat!!

This one is a Black Korina Body, finished with only one or two coats of Minwax 'Golden Pecan', followed by several coats of True-Oil
The Neck is Bloodwood, with a very dark rosewood fingerboard.. I think.. I bought this used, so I am not too sure.. looks like ebony, feels like Rosewood.
I added one of those GFS Custom Wired Pickguards with Lil Killers, upgraded with push/pull knobs. Great value for the money!
the final combination of the woods and the pickups sounds incredible! and it plays even better!




oh btw, I had to sell this one in favour of a new (similar) project.. the main difference was going to be a wider neck.
Unfortunately I had some unforeseen expenses in the meantime, so the replacement is still on hold. :(:( very sad
Awesome looking Korina body!  It looks like it was from the flamed Korina stock we had awhile ago.  We don't get that stuff too often so it's not always an option that can be requested.  Very clean looking build!
Yeah, I love how clean and natural this one is, bummer to have to sell it. I recently made myself a promise to not sell any more gear, I sold a new traynor amp last year cause it didn't have the sound I was looking for, with the intention of getting something else,only to also have unforseen expenses crop up, and I still havn't had a chance to replace it and am still kickin myself in the butt for that one.
I love the look of that neck, it looks silky smooth, hope it went to a good home.
this guitar haunts me in my dreams. I want this, BADLY! I envisioned a 'les strato paul'; korina body, flattop, bloodwood neck, ebony board, and lil killers, but with a 6 point trem...
Yes yes, I have been thinking about replicating this one for a long time now... and yes, it will happen... some day! :)
Marko said:
Yes yes, I have been thinking about replicating this one for a long time now... and yes, it will happen... some day! :)

Some say you love the feel of brazilian's red neck :laughing7:
so, If I wasn't poor right now..
I would get this and slap a lovely bloodwood neck, ebony board (no dots) on this...

Pure PORN!!!!!



My Birthday is coming up, so everybody feel free to order this for me  :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:
Crap crap crap!

$685, which is ok I think, for a piece of wood like that!

I hope someone here got it... I have to see how that turns out!!
ah, still there!


oh, and I am loving the "you may also like this" suggestion,
a $995 Brazilian RW neck :)

I see what I did wrong - I picked up a letter following the item number from the picture I used.  Question is, how long will it last?