Just ordered a Hollow J


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I just ordered a hollow J bass. It will be made of Wenge with a Bees Wing Bubinga top. The wait is on...

Does anyone have a Hollow J Bass? Any comments on the difference in sounds between the solid and the hollow version.
NonsenseTele said:
Wow wow wow! Sounds amazing!!!!!!!
Pics or it doesn't exist!!!!!  :blob7:

Calm down Nonsense......it doesn't exist, he only just ordered it. :toothy12: :toothy12:

Pics when it does exist or it doesn't exist! :icon_scratch:
Oh yes and I also ordered a neck. Bubinga with a Ziricote board with Abalone dots.  :headbang:
Bubinga neck and hollow body might cause some balance problems.  But it should sound pretty killer...