Jazzmaster pickups


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Do noiseless Jazzmaster pickups exist?  Something akin to Dimarzio's area 58s and 61 (which I have in my strat and are awesome, by the way).  Any ideas?
Curtis Novak makes some humbuckers that fit in the Jazzmaster route that with a "dial-a-tap" (variable) coil split setup on the second set of pots on the guitar can still sound like a Jazzmaster. But I doubt those will nail the Jazzmaster tone. I have a pair of Seymour Duncan Antiquity 2 pickups in mine (I can't recommend them enough) and they are, to my surprise, not that noisy if at all. Just make sure you shield and ground everything properly - I used a Rothstein copper shield for the pickguard, and then copper tape in the cavity. Sorry, I know this only partially if at all answered your question!
Generally - there are noiseless Jazzmaster pickups, which are stacked humbuckers, and thought to be lifeless sounding by many players.  The Jazzmaster is very close to the P90 tone, and a HB just doesn't to it justice.
I wind my own single coil pups, noiseless. And they sound great too.  and btw...noiseless is a relative term. all pickups will pickup some noise in certain situations. even humbuckers.

Someday, soon, I am gonna be selling pups, I will give you guys first shot to try them, I'll let em go at cost until i get too busy...