It's Here!


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My Wenge/Ebony neck just arrived!  Looks great, nice weight, I'm very pleased. 

I have a Warwick bass so I'm familiar with Wenge, but I don't remember there being some gaps or cracks in the wood.  I don't think there is anything wrong though.

I know you can play the neck raw but would a little bit of oil finish fill in the gap a little?
It will be at least Sunday before I can post a pick, sorry.

I don't thing a little bit of oil would take away from the raw feeling of the neck.  I also wonder if the oils from my hands won't cure the neck over time.
Wenge is already oily, that's why it doesn't need a finish. The 'cracks' are normal, though without pics it's hard to see what you're talking about. Step away from the lemon oil!!
I'm trying to remember if my Thumb Bass had cracks in it like that when it was new.  It seems vaguely familiar, but that was a long time ago.  (8 years)

don't worry I've never touched lemon oil.  For fretboards I use a fingerboard oil that is coconut oil based.  Rub it in and let it set for 15 miniutes then rub it off.  And I'd never put that on the back of the neck.

I'll try to get some pic's up soon.  I'm not too worried about it, it seems natural.
even after all these years the old thumb bass does have some slight gaps in the grain......just part of the wenge.

I'll try to get some pic's on sunday.
Nothing wrong with lemon oil.  I use it on both fingerboards and raw neckbacks.