Is this the first Hybrid Soloist?


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Possibly, I have not seen one before, but that doesn't mean, of course, that someone has not done it before.

You have a nice collection of Soloists, look forward to seeing the progress on this one.


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I can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s finished! I’ve always loved Santana’s yellow PRS … that’s what this one reminds me of. great project!


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hey fresh, you gotta pretty sick style. not everyone can pull off the white overalls no shirt combo, but you give the rest of us hope

now that I think about it, that guy dimebag Darell also had a unique aesthetic (fancy word for "look" or "appearance") but one of the very few other things i know about him is that i bet he never got jumped at 3am in a St Louis back alley scoring a bag of what turned out to be pencil shavings. rip

anyway, i think the tele options have been online for that body for at least as long as ive been a customer, so while its hard to say that urs is the first ever with that config its probably the first shown off on,which is even better imo