I'm sorry! Another stupid TruOil Thread...


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I have applied 4 or 5 coats.  There seems to be a "finish" on the neck.  I was thinking I'd just smooth it out with some 0000 wool until it felt soft and then jam.

My question is for the warranty to apply, and for me to have a neck that wont be prone to warping, what is the MINIMUM number of coats?

bottom line, I want this finish totally matte, as unfinished looking and feeling as possible, basically a borderline unfinished neck.

I just want to cover the warranty and have SOME protection from sweat and dirt. 

So how much is enough?


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I don't think there is a technical specification as to number of coats that need be applied, as there is no way to spec how thin/thick each coat is going to be. You have to completely seal all neck wood other than the fretboard (unless it's maple requiring finish) to protect it from absorbing moisture.  4 or 5 coats should provide enough protection in that regard.