TruOil effectiveness over unfinished (but lightly sealed) neck


Planned on receiving an unfinished maple neck and dying it and then using TruOil to finish. When it arrived it was to slick to be unfinished so I called Warmoth and learned it has a "light sealer coat". With that being said, a dye would probably not soak in, so I need to dye the finish coats- or at least the 1st one, I am guessing?"
Has anyone tried dying TruOil and applying over a seal coat.? I mixed some dye and linseed oil up and tried to rub in like I would the TruOil on the heel and it sort of just rubs away- or at least the color does. Colors up ok when thicker-brush thickness.
They did not recommend sanding sealer and trying to get dye to penetrate into wood and I would hate to mess up the current seal surface.
I have used TruOil without issue on several Warmoth necks. I also have used Shellac before Tru-Oil which has darkened the maple a little.

Try some of your dye on the bottom or back of the heel as a test.
Thanks all. You all made me realize toning the rub in oil was pretty much wiped off leaving very little pigment on that surface. I will apply with appropriate alcohol mix, let it set 5min, wipe off, repeat if needed for color, cure, and then start rubbing the TruOil in.