Ideal finish for this White Korina Body, thoughts?

Vol. Knob

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This lovely item is in the showcase.  I'm tempted to make this my first Warmoth guitar as soon as my ebay transactons are complete on a few guitars I'm selling off to fund the build.

Its a White Korina body & Top.  She has a pinstripe accent and a faint flame in the top.

What would be the best way to pull that flame forward?  Grain Filler?  Dye?  Just a clear wipe down with Tung Oil?

I personally like less glossy guitars, so if I go with this one, then I'd like to make sure I can get it to where it would meet my needs.


You want a non-gloss finish?

Simplest way to get to where it sounds like you want to go would be:

1.) Fill with black/dark brown grain filler
2.) Stain that top with Minwax Golden Pecan oil based stain; you can use the same stain or a darker brown to contrast on the rest of the body
3.) Finish with a dozen coats of WATCO Danish Oil

The stain will make that flame pop out better, see this thread of my L5S:
The method above should give you similar coloration sans any gloss and is as about a simple finish to apply as any
I quite enjoy that white korina, and im definitely a fan of that finish jack did, it would probably look awesome on that thing
That is one sexy Korina finish.  I'm feeling it.  It speaks to me.  Thanks.  The dudes paypal just went through on a Squier.  I might have to  order this thing and get started.