Hi, i'm from Germany and i wantedt to buy me a guitar body an neck at warmoth, here my idea:

Mahagony/flame Maple Top

NeckLP(like Gobson):
Tuner Holes 11/32”
Precut & Installed Nut (Graphtec)
Neck Binding (Cream)
Custom inlay (Block)
Satin Finish
Stainless steel Frets

I will paint the body black, like the Headstock an the back of the Headstock..... On the body i'l put this picture:

or maybe this :dontknow::

I will put Gold Hardware on it (TOMBridge, Stop Tail Piece, ButterBeans Tuning Machines)
EMG Zakk Wylde (81&85 EMG's)  :headbang1:

Now i have 2 Questions:

1. What do you think about my idea?  :toothy10:
2. Can you tell me something about youre experience you made with warmoth LP bodies & necks... fitting, playing, etc.

blesses from Germany!!!  :rock-on:

That sounds like a sweet idea!

I think I like the first picture better though...  And one of these days I'll have a guitar with EMG 60/81 in it, cause I like Hetfield!  :party07:
Blessings from America!
I think it'll be an excellent guitar.

My only experience with Warmoth bodies teles.  It may be me, but I've never had a problem, nor known anyone with a problem.  Sure, I've seen people on the internet, but people I know ... none.

No worries.  Go for it.

What kind of pots are you gonna get?  Any coil splitting?
Sounds cool.  I like that first picture... what's it from?  Are you going to paint on the picture then put a clear finish over it, or what?

(Oh, and I don't think you CAN split EMGs but I'm not sure)
dbw said:
Sounds cool.  I like that first picture... what's it from?  Are you going to paint on the picture then put a clear finish over it, or what?

(Oh, and I don't think you CAN split EMGs but I'm not sure)

Only the 89 (and apparently the EMG pups on the '08 Schecter models but, they're still yet to be released nor do I know if those pups are exclusively with Schecter just yet)
The Picture i found on google.... i typed in "Rasta Lion" an found this...

I gonna paint the body black and thought of letting someone airbrush the pic on my guitar. Than put a clear finish over it...

And u cannot split EMG... the EMG's are active Pickups and totally closed!

Pots... i think i gonna use this but i don't know if i should use black or gold ones....

My Inspiration was the Gibson Les paul Zakk Wylde Signature, and i've searched vor a paint thats unique, and which is my "trademark", like Zakk Wylde's Bullseye....

All question answered? And do you have any ideas? Like in which position i should put the lion on the body???

2 Ideas:




Thanks Photoshop^^


The first guitar looks better for me... try to make the lion 90° above, but in these place... Do you play reggae? (dumb question)
lol, i mostly hear Reggae and Dancehall, and i go to the SummerJam in cologne, a Reggae, DanceHall an WorldMusic Festival... but i don't play a single reggae-song^^
On E-Guitar i play Rock, HardRock, A little bit Metall maybe, and ballads (e.g. Farewell Ballad - Zakk Wylde).

I wear a "Reggae-Chain" have a Green-Gold-Red Wristband on my left arm, but another 3.5" Black Lether Wristband on my right arm^^ I think its a good combination... the painting with the lion is just an idea, i also think of the sidefront of a lion in gray, on the black ground.... i wanna try this in photoshop^^

The Lion is a Symbol of Power and Strenght.He is persistent, patient and wild, mighty, the King^^


I'm ready with the grey lion^^ Now i have also put the pots in the front, hope u like it ;-)


I like the big Rasta Lion across the pickups!!  I don't like the grey lion.

I think it'll look good with gold knobs... they'll match the gold of the lion.  Gold hardware and pickups would probably be sweet too!
The Pickups would be EMG's, so they are black  :binkybaby:

i think i try the black ones at photoshop ;-)
I was talking about something like this... in the "playing" position, I believe the lion layed in this way, would look better...

Edit: I forgot to say: I've really like the grey Lion, I think it would match the best because it pass the strenght of the idea and don't go much odd (sorry, I believe the colors of Jamaica's flag is a little "SCREAMING" to much...)


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jeah, i know what you mean. Its cool!
And this are the Colours of the Ethiopia-Flag, also used by the Rastafaris  :icon_tongue:

I'm gonna do something with Photoshop (e.g. Goldhardware).

Till then  :icon_biggrin:


You might want to a stencil?  Might be able to find it on the internet.  Or do a decal?
Nah, thought about it.  Like the rasta lion.
How are you going to apply him?
Thanks, the link is awesome... what do you think of that:


As you can see, it is mostly influenced by Zakk Wylde^^

And NonsenseTele, the most people i know permute the jamaika-Colours(Green, Black,Gold) with the Ethiopia/Rasta-Colours(Green,Red,Gold).
Much Reggae Artist are Rastas and wear things in the Rasta-Colours.... but people connect Reggae with Jamaika, so... Rasta-Colours are the Jamaican-Colours for the most people  :toothy12:
<<<< Wisenheimer  :icon_biggrin:

(My English isn't that good, i hope u understand what i mean  :-\ )

@Rick: German Eagle??? Am i an Racist?????? I'm not that proud of my country, believe me...
I thought of glue the picture on the body, or airbrush.... but at the moment i going for the black&white thing  :icon_thumright:

Blesses @ all
That looks killer.  I think a black or chrome bridge would fit in better than a gold one, though, and maybe the LP switch in black too?

I think the German eagle looks kinda cool... not so much the wings-spread version with the swastika but the regular one is fine.  But I wouldn't put it on my guitar even if I was German... after all, I wouldn't put an American eagle on my guitar!  I'm not Lee Greenwood or Alan Jackson or some schmuck like that.