I got speakers but no stereo.


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So I got these Pioneer Stereo speakers (pics at bottom) from my uncle a little while ago, I have no info on them ( like watts, what the speakers are, ohms or anything like that), and also I do not have a stereo, I got one of these CD/cassette players:


Now what I've tried to do is take the cable from some old broken headphones, rip the headphones off 'em, plug into the CD player them put wires into one of the speakers, I got null.............  Any help would be appreciated.

P.S The MDF board on the speakers got wet and it went a tiny bit eeecchhh, but it's still more then strong enough to stand up.



Well assuming the water damage isn't that bad... there is not enough power in a headphone jack.  You will need a tuner to power those speakers.  Look at garage sales, that's where I got my stereo...
Before you do anything else, carefully remove the small round panel on the back where the wires connect, and check the condition of the wiring (and if you can see them, the speakers) on the inside. If you find a heap of rust you should probably scrap the complete deal, there's a big risk that things are shorted out and will blow up your amp. To test if they are completely dead or more or less OK, a first indication would be to drag the bare ends of a piece of two conductor wire connected to the terminal, accross the poles of a battery (try a 9v block). You should get some crackling noises.
DBW is absolutely right, on the hedphone output there is simply not enough power to drive speakers. You'll need an amp to do that, or a receiver (which is a tuner combined with an amp in one package).
If you're feeling brave and don't mind taking the risk of killing it, you could crack open your CD/cassette and rewire it's amp output from the built in speakers to these external units, but don't do that without unplugging it first!! It won't be optimal (far too little power for these speakers) but it should work.
Well, I am feeling brave enough to tinker with my CD player, but i'm not allowed to!  :(  I think mum may have made a smart choice there.

Oh well, I'll just have to find a cheap stereo then.  :-\
Yeah, I don't think the sound you would get from your cd player and those speakers would even be worth the trouble.  I would just go find a cheap tuner. 

Those speakers look like tons of fun though, let us know how they sound when you get it figured out.