I get to open for Lukas Rossi!

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alright.. short story made long!

Note- apparently the 5 letter P word is censored to "ice cream" on this forum even when I'm not using it rudely...

  I've posted a couple times about my band with my wife, which shares 3 members with my own project (including me) but I"ve never really said much about her, cause this is a guitar forum, not a..  erm.. wife.. forum :toothy11:

anyway.  I've had my own band for years and aspirations of a big rock project that is only finally coming to realization.  but around january '07 i joined my wifes band just to get playing a bit even though it wasn't really my kind of music (we werent married then) and through the ups and downs of joining and being tossed from an indie label and gigging at a few big community events, we're finally on our way to being one of the better weekend warrior groups in town.  Albeit with only a couple crummy paying gigs under our belt.  My wife has been trying to make a name for herself for years but shes been trying to do it in the get-a-producer-and-get-him-to-write/fund-your-stuff-for-you fashion.  And even did a tour in Asia as a singer at night clubs and sang for the troops in Kandahar a couple years ago.  In anycase she decided to finally get a real live band going and learn a bunch of current radio covers and start playing live instead of karaoke-like (thus the band starting early last year).

Anyway back in April we approached the owner of the only night club in town and asked him if we could play a set and record it as an audition tape to go back to asia and work in Singapore.. well we kinda sucked it up because we didn't have much help as far as sound goes and even though we played good we sounded bad.  But despite that He did ask us back as an opening act about 2 weeks ago for "Girlicious" (stop laughing.. we got paid, and for some reason those boobs girls are huge right now)

Well their tour manager was broadzilla and had everybody jumping through hoops.  Nobody was allowed to even touch the stage for one whole hour prior to them taking it.  So we got bumped to the very first act instead of the one right before the girls got on stage to ease the flow of gear on and off stage because the only other act was another bunch of girls doing a burlesque dance.  And when "Girlicious" finally started up their act they played for about maybe 30 minutes and then ran out and jumped on their bus and didn't come back out.  Their manager told us before we started that we had to cut our set by 5 songs "because nobody is allowed to be onstage longer than they are".  So we cut 2 songs and played for about 50 minutes.  They were charging 34 dollars at the door and most of the people who were there actually thought we were what made the ticket price worth paying.  The crowd was a funny one.  we played a Pu.ssycat Dolls tune (seriously.. stop laughing im trying to tell a story) cause we thought it woudl be appropriate given the headlining act and nobody really cared.  But for some reason all the girls in this all adult crowd started screaming their heads off when we started playing Miley Cyrus (I said cut it out!)

Anyway after the night was all over and we went to get paid the owner was astonished (apparently) about how much feedback he was getting about us and wanted us back next month to open for Lukas Rossi when he comes to town with his new band (he's the guy who won Rockstar Supernova if anybody doesn't know ....  which I didn't. Cause i thought that show was just american idol for the rock crowd, and I'm not so easily cowed)  And in the 2 weeks since our girlicious show hes kept hearing people talk about us that night and so he's decided in november he'll have us back to open for some other person thats some dance/hip hop superstar hes having play at the club. I can't remember the name but apparently its top secret because he hasn't told anybody yet and i'm not supposed to say who it is...

Anyway.  the girlicious girls i thought were pretty ungrateful to their fans because they didn't sign any autographs or try to meet anybody, not that I was too worried but my wife was excited at the prospect. (their manager ran us so ragged our drummer even confided in me that amidst all the fishnet and boobs he didn't even get a boner..... uncharacteristic of a 20 y/o single guy at a night club on "dress as your favorite pus.sycat doll" night)  But I am excited to meet this Lukas guy cause the venue is small enough he won't get swamped by a thousand people (the club probably only holds about 200 on a packed night) and he'll probably be talkative and supportive.

In any case I'm excited. ( I also can't wait to find a singer for my other project so I can have some solace from miley cyrus and hilary duff)

.. oh and next time you're going to complain about your manager.  just thank the universe you're not a pop star.


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Well that's fucking cool!  Grats!

Side note:  The very fact that p*ssy gets censored to "ice cream" is SO MUCH NASTIER than the word itself.


I like to eat ice cream.  Just thought I would see if it works in reverse.  Seriously, I don't much care for any of the things you mentioned here, but an opportunity is an opportunity.  Good for you, hope it works out well.

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That's really great, I'm glad you're getting encouragement from people other than your friends / family.


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Lukas Rossi is Canadian! Even the Canadians are getting scary these days!