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It happened! I finally made it into Guitar Player Magazine! I'm in between Jimmy Page and Slash!

OK, OK, so Jimmy's on the front cover and Slash is on the back cover, and I'm in the lower corner on page 177 with my face down, but hey, that's my hair, right?!  :laughing3:    ...going to by 5 copies for my mother....
congrats on making a showing in the tabloids, Gregg  :hello2:

but I came to this thread anticipating that you were writing about that table of yours finally making it into a guitar body  :icon_jokercolor:

all the best,

I knew you'd make the bigtime, gregg. Check out those masterful hands doing what they do best..!
I suppose a bottle of Drambuie is in order, and a cheering section

:hello2: :hello2: :hello2: :hello2: :hello2: :hello2: :hello2: :hello2:
Mapleg4 said:
Is it Dan ("my" salesperson) in a picture with a strat in another ad?

Ha! Nah, they don't let the bass players near the camera..........

And I thought Gregg was going to say the new phone books were here!
I'd love to see it, but that is just not enough to make me by that trash-mag.  I mean the last one I leafed through seriously had an interview with the cartoon characters from Metalocolypse.  I'd rather read about guitars!
Don't be disin DethKlok, they are the best metal band ever, and they are made up. (kinnda tells ya a lot about metal)
Didn't you know that DethKlok were touring???

Well, Brendan Small with Gene Hoglan and a backup band anyway  :laughing7:  But they ARE DethKlok :party07:
Yeah, but the interview was with the CARTOON CHARACTERS!  I'm pretty sure the issue was the same one that wasted 80 or so pages on a "guitar quiz".  I mean what the....?  Add that to 100's of pages of ads, and you get almost zero guitar related content, like I said, if I'm gonna buy a guitar magazine, I would like to read about guitars.  Nuff said
Friggin Michael Molenda screwed us all when he changed the format back in '04. Remember the issues before that? So much helpful stuff. And cleaner too.
(Organized, not "morally")
OOPS, I was thinkinking of Guitar World.  Guitar Player I haven't checked out in a while...  My bad....All those magazines tend to iritate me at one point or another, maybe I'm just a crank...
Michael Molenda writes like a child - not a good characteristic in your chief editor. It pains me to read really good musicians like Jude Gold and Jess Gress, when they have to pretend to be enthusiastic about bubblegum metal like Kiss, Motley Crue and their modern derivatives (they do better on their transcriptions of Jeff Beck & McLaughlin). Unfortunately, in today's dream-based reality, it's impossible for a magazine to say "this band sucks" or even "this fuzztone sounds like crap". They had a recent feature on famed bluesman Steven Seagal that drew a bit of flack...  :toothy12: It still keeps showing up in my mailbox, I guess habits are hard to break. Almost every issue there's still some neat lick in the lessons that's worth it.