OK, I just gotta say it...

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I've tried to avoid complaining about it, but after a couple years I've had enough. THE NEW WEBSITE IS GARBAGE!

Super slow load times
Layout is horrible
Dropdowns are even worse
Locked in after selecting a dropdown, can't access previous options (eg: can't select wizard and get back to fatback, etc)
back button doesn't even work half the time
even the promo emails keep going back to my spam folder constantly (totally missed out on the burl stuff that just came out, 100% would have bought a black dye strat body)

Desktop, mobile, chrome, firefox...all horrible.

And don't even get me started about losing purchase history and not being able to look up specs of previous items. I'm still completely pissed about that.

W has lost sooo much of my business these last couple years. I used to check the in stock page every single day, for years. Now get to it every few months, if that.
Yeah honestly I wonder what the primary cause of the extreme slowness. If it’s slow server hosting or if the websites code is needlessly complex for the hardware they are using to run the site?
Couldn’t agree more. The old site was far more user-friendly. But the new site is “newer”. That seems to be all that counts in many areas these days.

Bill, tgo
Something on the backend, database server response time, needed improvement, But this may caught in a dilemma. The whole reconstruction of the new system may be effective. Or risk that the change may only partially solve the problem?

Research reveals that over 40% of web users abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. How many lost orders due to this delay vs how much would it cost to fix the problem? Or is the production capacity unable to keep up, and there is no incentive to get too many orders dilemma?
We know there are issues with the new site, and we are working on a fix. The solution will look essentially the same as the current site, but (hopefully) be much faster. We are hoping to launch it in Q1 of 2023.

It's all been discussed here many times before, and there is nothing to be gained by hashing it out again, so I'm locking this thread.
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