Humbucker sized low output pickups for wide string spacing (superwide necks)?

Hi there,

for a Warmoth partscaster with superwide neck and vintage wide bridge I'm searching humbucker sized low output (PAF like) pickups for blues playing:

Neck pickup for 2-1/16" (52,4 mm) string spacing.
Bridge pickup for 2-7/32" (56,4 mm) string spacing.

My first search wasn't very successful:

I tried an F-spaced DiMarzio humbucker for the neck. But as all DiMarzio F-spaced humbuckers it pole distance is only 2.01" (51 mm), which doesn't look and sound ideal:

But there might be some manifactors of handwired humbuckers that will make real F-spaced pickups with 2-1/16" (52,4 mm or 52,6 mm) pole distance.

For the even wider bridge pickup I thought Rail/Blade Humbucker might work. But most of them are very hot and used for hard rock and metall. The only ones I could find were Wilde L90 and JBE Humbucker pickups:

Do you know any other pickups that would fit?

What do you mean doesn’t sound good? What amp are you using? It could be your amp doesn’t play nice with dimarzios so you should just go with a different brand. That happens some times.

If you line them up with the strings before screwing in your pick guard or pup rings it’ll look nice. And the magnetic field will be wide enough. Take a look and Gibson guitars. The strings on the neck pups are not centered over each pole piece.

That said, if you must have the strings over the pole pieces, I’ve used rail hammers with a 1 7/8 neck and they look and sound great. They won’t be exactly centered and I doubt you’ll find a guitar where its centered. The best you can do is have them pleasingly aligned.

If you do search here of turquoise jazzmaster and my name you’ll see the build.

Ps. I love the wide neck, it’s like driving down a highway with no traffic.
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Dimarzio Humbucker from Hell is a fantastic sounding low output pickup, so is their PAF 36th Anniversar, and their PAF Pro.