Superwide neck users: What string spacing do you prefere at the bridge?


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Hello superwide neck users,

what string spacing do you have at the bridge and how is your experience with it? Would you choose that string spacing again, or choose another today?

Not long ago Stratamania wrote, that the superwide neck expands to 60.53 mm at the 22nd fret and posted a picture of the neck heel overhang.

So I wonder which string spacing at the bridge users prefer for this overall wider neck? Is it 2 1/8" or vintage 2 7/32" string spacing?

Please share your experience!

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Me ... 2 1/16.  The neck is spacious as is the string width.  I don't ever have a fret out. Don't over think it.  If whatever you choose doesn't work for you at least you'll know.  You gotta crack some eggs to make an omelette.
I don't use a superwide, but it is certainly wide enough for vintage spacing. I have Strats with Vintage and narrower spacing and it does not really make much difference from a right hand point of view, the only thing is the E and e are closer to the edge of the board with vintage spacing, though with a Superwide neck that is not a factor really.
I choosed vintage 2 7/32" string spacing. Because I prefer it wide as possible. But was a bit afraid the E and e string might be too close to the edge of the fretboard, until I found the specs of the superwide neck at the 22. fret and the image of the neck heel overhang Stratamania posted in the forum.

It would be really helpfull if the superwide neck heel specs and the mentioned photo which shows the heel overhang are available on the Warmoth neck nut width overview site:
I use the vintage 2 7/32" string spacing on my Fender MIM strat with a Warmoth superwide neck.

That string spacing is as wide as you can get apparently. I would like a still wider bridge. Whatever the string spacing at the bridge of a classical nylon string guitar is what I would like.

It's still difficult to finger pick with the  2 7/32" string spacing.