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ok so i'm goint to MI next fall to get me some schoolin in building and while i was on my little search to find a long enough slab of rosewood for a neck through design  i found this site with birdseye limba and ebony!!!!!  and it's even more where that comes from.  here's the link.

anybody else on here got a little secret place or site like this?  i know there's a lot of builders on here so don't be selfish.haha
damm...how you post the pics on this thing?  i tried the additional options thing but even that small pic is too big a file for it... :icon_scratch:
These links should get you drooling!



yes indeed.....that eucalyptus is somethin else  :eek: and that cocobolo got me all :tard: haha

hmm....if they got ebony lumber that long i might be tempted to make an all abony neck through desing instead... :headbang1:
awsome links guys. those sites have me pritty tempted to dip into the saving. hehe, must resist!!

Just a couple of blocks from where i work. You would never know they had so much great stuff from the outside. Nice owner too!
You guys really like your wood.  Hey Jackthehack, did you see the canarywood lumber in that first link???
from the first link  http://www.westpennhardwoods.com/shop/cart.php?target=category&category_id=30......how do i buy wood for a guitar top? i am new to buying wood so i dont understand 4/4 , then buy  by board feet :sad:  so can you tell me how much wood do i need for a start top?

When looking at raw lumber; 2/4, 4/4, 8/4, etc is thickness measure, i.e., 4/4 would be 1" thick, 2/4 is a half inch thick, etc.

To figure board feet, the calculation is Lineal Ft to Board Ft =  width x thickness x length ÷ 12 = Bd Ft.

Per past board postings, Warmoth has indicated that while they may use wood sent by a customer to make a body/neck, there are a number of restrictions, off the top of my head:

1.) You get charged the same price as if they supplied the wood. (Never saw anything mentioned about use of woods that they never offer, I guess it would be based on similarity to wood they do offer.)
2.) They reserve the right to reject the order based on the wood received, e.g., if it isn't true enough, warped or cupped in any way, or potentially has any other kind of defect that would preclude the completed piece from passing their normal QA process.
3.) They won't work with cocobola any more as the dust has some kind of toxic allergens; that's the only specific wood restriction I know of.
4.) I imagine that there is a specific range of billet size that HAS to be met for a neck, but never saw that published as a spec.

Before you run out and start buying pieces of exotic wood, you really need to call/check with Warmoth and see if what you're buying is going to work, and you probably won't be buying a lot of stuff in "board feet"...

Laminate tops are 1/8" for most laminate/hollow chambered bodies, 1/4" for Tele Thinlines and 5/8 - 3/4 for carved tops. Most laminate tops are "bookmatched" to duplicate an even figure in the wood. I imagine a solid or bookmatched set of sheet(s) would need to be the same size as a guitar blank, 14" x 19". A carved top is going to need to be thicker than the finished product, so the CNCs can mill them, I'd guess around 1" x 14" x 19"

A body blank itself is going to need to be 14" x 19" x 1 3/4", so in this case to get that size you probably need to be looking at slab lumber rather than boards and will have a good deal of wastage.

In any case, the wood will need to be appropriately dried/seasoned and planed/milled completely true to the specs above. If you look at a lot of these exotic wood sites, many offer "luthier/musician kits/sets" of wood and/or machining/milling at surcharges.

Some of the above is semi-educated guessing, Gregg or someone else from Warmoth can weigh in with more precise data, but again, it would behoove you to call a rep and discuss this prior to buying your own wood to start out with. Could be that something similar to waht you're looking for is squirreled away in someone's "secret stash" at Warmoth already.....
all these links.....and that site is right.  it's definitely wood porn.hahaha  oh and thanks for that explanation jackthehack cuz i was still trying to figure some of that out myself.  man, could you imagine having a white ebony fingerboard on a guitar?  i think that would definitely be worth more as a collectors instrument tho.  now i gotta start workin out the specs and find some dark palisander or east indian rosewood with the right dimensions for my neck through design :icon_scratch:
if you go to this link  http://www.westpennhardwoods.com/shop/cart.php?target=category&category_id=401    ........................... can i use this for a top for my home made tele? ,,.... i dont know how long or wide it is?  does anybody know???
You'd have to call/email them, doubt they'd have boards wide enough, you'll have to ask, they're just spec'ing the rough boards as 1" thick, note that doesn't include planing.... Even if you can find something around 7-8" wide you'd also have to pay to get it cut bookmatched and permanently gluing down the laminate top is a somewhat less than trivial operation.

You CAN order a Tele from Warmoth with a birdseye maple laminate top for around $225-235 depending on base body wood, that might turn out to be more cost effective in the long run....