Hey Gregg nice git-tar..


Mythical Status
Is that a RR150 you're playing, and does it belong to Sammy or one of the guys from Cabo?

Here's my RR150, signed by the Red Rocker himself....
There is a guy to the right and out of that picture named Salvadore that is the lead singer/rhythm guitar/keyboard player for the house band at the Cabo Wabo. It was his guitar that they handed me when they brought me up on stage that night. Pretty nice guitar from what I can recall. It may have been part of the gear that Sammy gets as endorsements.
Gregg, do you have any gig vids that we could see? that be pretty sweet if i do say so myself  :guitarplayer2:
I did have some video clips. I had a home computer crash and I think they were all on it. I'll see if any survived and post them here tonight.