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Bet you don;t know what the he** I am talking about. Sen.
Sen?...Well, thats the word for what we crude Westerners  call "Japanese Ash", which although it looks like ash, really isnt ash at all. This is the wood thats supposed to be in the first' Ibanez Destroyers', and supposed to be what one Eddie Van H.  played throughout much of the VH-1 album. Couldnt find nothing  much on the properties, density, how heavey it is and how its supposed to sound.  I wou;ld guess its hard and heavey,  being a furniture wood over there in the land of the Rising Sun( i think).
Probably IS like Hard North ash , or even Oak but i *rally don't know dah'ling.
Someone Chime on the the tone charecteristics of Sen?