going out of business sale

nathan a

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Turns out is going out of business. They're selling basically everything at fantastic sale prices. Who knows if stock will go quickly or not, but everything is pretty cheap. Pickups (rio grandes, duncan antiquities, EMG, etc etc), guitars themselves, pedals, some parts (not huge stock), even strings.

Get it while it's hot, boys
I'm sorry, but if those are fantastically low prices, you've been shopping in the wrong places.  Everything I looked at could be had elsewhwere from a company that will be around to back it up, and at lower prices. 
I scanned the amps and effects and some things are about 15% cheaper, but it's not a blowout.
I noted the same -- the Rio Grand pickup sets were 14% less than you can get elsewhere on the web.

If you are in the market for them right now that might be worth it, but I would not rush to buy them.
Okay, maybe I overexaggerated. Not crazy-kill-your-neighbors-and-steal-their-wallets low prices. But they're still good deals!

Yeah sorry about the link, I didn't check which guitar heaven....