glockenklang pre amp poor diagram for us dummies.


hi there,
this is my first time so please be gentle.
just got my warmouth j body and neck a few weeks ago and the tung oil finish is coming along nicley. 
:icon_biggrin: now it's time to think about wiring, pickups and so on. Has anyone wired up a glock pre?
The jack socket that came with it is too short to go thru the side of  the bass so i got a switchcraft stereo socket. is this correct? :icon_scratch: does the negative battery lead goes to the unused "live terminal"  :help: anyone with any info would be a friend for life.
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Hey pip.  Why not call Glockenklang and ask about the wiring?  (It may help if you speak German  :tard:)

As for the jack... this is a side jack hole?  What diameter?  Maybe pics would help.  I don't understand what you mean by "too short".  :help:

And welcome, it was my pleasure to deflower you to today  :icon_jokercolor:
well hello.
the jack socket doodad has a very short screw thread on it, it might be ok for mounting through the front of the body but not the side.
i got the switchcraft jack as i saw it was definately long enough and needs a 12mm hole and i have a 12mm woodbit in my tool box  :)
i think i've sorted things out (in my head at least.) i'll keep you posted and maybe get some pictures up soon.  :headbang1:
barely felt a thing.
thanks for being so gentle
Without pictures the, "too long, too short," stuff will remain a mystery.  As far as wiring the preamp for power, if it follows normal power wiring (meaning it doesn't have a positive ground, and I can't for the life of me see why someone would do that) then you are correct.  You want all of the grounds to go to the ring of the stereo jack, except the black or negative terminal of the battery.  The battery's black or negative lead goes to the sleeve terminal of the jack.  This way the ground of the battery is not connected to the circuit unless a cord is in the jack.  When wired in this fashion, the jack is a physical switch that requires a cord in the jack for the battery to be in use.  The tip should be the live from the pickup or the preamp going to the amp.  So like a pedal, pull the cord out when not in use or the battery will slowly drain.

hi there.
all is now well. thanks to you guys and a very quick response from the glockenklang customer support team. :icon_thumright: