⅞ S-style holoflake build!

Hey everyone! This is my new ⅞ S-style build.
I tried to enter it in this month's contest, but they haven't got back to me...maybe I entered it too late? Either way, here's the details!

⅞, modern construction Roasted flamed maple
42mm nut width
Reverse headstock
Wizard neck profile
12"-16" compound radius
SS6100 frets(jumbo stainless)
Luminaly side dots
Black TUSQ XL nut
Finished with Birchwood tru-oil

⅞ S-style
Solid construction Mahogany
Recessed locking TonePros TOM bridge/staggered strings
Side jack with football jack-plate
Forearm contour, tummy cut, and custom contoured heel
Holoflake finish

Neck PU - Seymour Duncan "aph-1n"(the neck PU slash used on Appetite for des.)
Bridge PU - Seymour Duncan "Duncan Custom"(PAF on steroids...)
3-way ernie ball branded(CLR) switch
1 volume with push/push phase
1 tone with push/push coil-split
(Both pots are Bourns)

Gotoh magnum locking tuners(newest model)
"Warmoth" style neckplate from LazrArt(which ended up matching the roasted m. really well)
Russian military grade paper-in-oil .022uf capacitors
Black vintage-style speed knobs from AllParts
Black strap buttons from Warmoth

This guitar was completely assembled by the great Ian Anderson!(lol the luthier not the JethroTull frontman...) He built the late-great Walter Becker's (Steely Dan) and David Bryson's (Counting Crows) FAVORITE guitars.

This guitar plays and looks absolutely FANTASTIC. It met my expectations in every way from quality to playability. I do have to admit I was a bit worried as time went on. I read mixed reviews and also "bad luck" stories where it seems like a "lemon" was assembled, and of course it cant be returned...or someone who waited 6 months for a kiesel/warmoth and for whatever reason they just dont like it... it has what i call the "lambo" playability that i feel quality shreddy/FR equipped guitars get you. The strings bend so incredibly effortless and it has the best tuning iv seen on a hardtail short of my carvin dc400.(which has the same formula of string-thru, recessed TOM bridge, and locking tuners...) it doesn't feel like a parts-caster or jimmy-rigged in any way. You notice the quality as soon as you pick it up. I was highly impressed even before my luthier put the love into it. I could very easily see this listed at least $1,800 if it had a big brand name on the headstock. I have an ibanez premium az242f, carvin dc400, bc rich mockingbird legacy ST, solar e1.6frlb, lol even a gibson faded les paul HP... this warmoth surpasses all of them in most areas.

I do think part of the magic here is from my luthier. He put 12 hours into it and thank god he convinced me to go with tru-oil on the neck. The flame pops MUCH more, it has even more protection, and it's even slicker/smoother than before.
Sorry if my post was a bit too long. Im still super excited and in the honeymoon faze. lol and im a big loser. Other than my wife(who doesn't play) i dont really have anyone else to show it off too...


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