George L's cables


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Ok, so no more Line 6 and I'm putting together a little pedal board.  I've used Monster Cables in the past, but the George L cables looked kinda cool. 

Has anyone used them?

Buying stuff online can be a bitch, you never get to "touch and feel" before you buy.
I've heard good things about both those brands but I've never used either one. I use Planet Waves cables and I'd recommend them.
Yup, used and still use George L's for my guitar cable.  Works fine for me.  To be completely serious, I don't hear any difference between my George L's, Planet Waves or ProCo cables.  The George L's has been reliable for several years.

When cutting the cable to length and using their quick connects, it is important to get a cut sharp and clean cut on the cable end.

First, I'm highly in favor of GeorgeL's.  I'm biased, and preferential... take it for what its worth... but why am I so?

Because their stuff is among the best of the best.

For short cords - pedal boards, the nice thing is you get to make custom length cables that are just a breeze to assemble.  You can get small or larger diameter wire.... most folks go with the small wire for boards, but personally, now that 90 degree ends are available for the .255 wire (fatter stuff), I'd use the fatter....


For longer cables... GeorgeL's is the tits!  You can make 30, 40 foot cables that have as good a high end response as 10 foot cables you'd buy in a store.  They are the lowest loss cable, lowest capacitance cable... on the market.  Thats it.  Others might equal GeorgeL's (since GeorgeL's uses a wire that is available to other sources) but hey... GeorgeL's was first with it, and to me, still best.

So get a bunch of wire, get some ends, and have at it.  Make some stage cords make some pedal cords.  Use the same wire and ends for both.

I saw Chuck Berry couple years ago.  He comes out... bad cable.  His guitar is cuttin in and out.  Tech hits it.  I see him take out a SCREWDRIVER, snip off six inches of wire, and push it into the end... tighten the screw and get it back in Chucks guitar..... in about... oh... 10 seconds.  Chuck thanked him after the opening number.  Chucks cord was well over 60 feet long btw.

Its good stuff.
I use George L's for my pedalboard only.  I've heard that they may not be the best choice for long-run instrument cable though.  As for Monster Cable, I think they are over-rated, and over-priced.  I've had some failures in the past with Monster Cable.  I do have one left that I still use for my instrument cable input to my pedalboard.  The rest of my instrument cables are currently Mogami.
Mogami is no better than GeorgeL's, may not be as good for long runs.

Thing with GeorgeL's is dont use the thin stuff for long runs, its not made for that.  Ya have to use the .255 stuff... which of course can be also used for the pedal boards, like I explained above.

Do the test with an accurate capacitance meter.  You want as low as possible and GeorgeL's delviers.  Its all about capacitance, low noise too, and GeorgeL's has that as well.
I guess what I am looking for in a cable is something quiet and reliable.  Are the George L's well shielded?  No extra hum or hiss?
Think 40 feet long.  Think imperceptible loss of highs.  Think cavorting across the stage like a whirling dervish with no cable noise.  Think fluorescent lights and no hum.  Think, able to be repaired in a moment or less.  Think - the least expensive cable you'll own, cuz you whack it back a few inches when it wears out.

GeorgeL's.... good stuff.  Warmoth good stuff.  Only go with good stuff.
I heard about them for years but never tried 'em.
CB turned me on to a few George L's cables awhile back and I think they are great!

They hold up very very well and feel "MIGHTY!"
Thumb, I'll add my 2 cents worth here... I love George L's. You'd have no trouble hearing the difference. The kinda skinny wire has a tendency to twist and tangle, but it's totally worth it. Very quiet, very reliable, full frequency transmission.
when you figure out how to use the george l's they'll be the last cable you ever use for custom wiring - i've used them for years and will continue to do so - neddi
Ya know.... the GeorgeL's are not the most expensive cable out there either...  they are a bit of a premium, but... represent a good VALUE as well.  Value being defined as the features and quality you get for the price paid. (I hate it when someone says "its a good value for the money", thats just redundant)

a little to big for pedals, but there instrument and amp cables are the sh :sign13: t.
I use 'em, I like 'em.

They're however long or short I need them to be; they're small an lightweight; they sound very good; they're easy to repair/alter.
I've been using George L's for a couple years now.  I have to say IMHO they are the best!!    I just recently tried one as a guitar gawd!  What a surprise!  I used the .225  wire, what a difference.  I'll NEVER use another Monster cable again!  :headbang1:
Interconnection Plugs

scroll down the page until you get to these.
they look cool and tighten up your board.

Specially designed interconnection 1/4”-plugs allow you to tighten up your pedal board and to connect to other pedal brands.
I have been an electrician for 28 years so I was wondering if anyone has the stats on this cable? Anyone ever put a meter on this stuff ? I'll bet a million buck this stuff is made by a major wire manufacturer under another name and its a lot cheaper that way. I have found this to be true many many times. Sometimes it takes me a lot of reseach, but its fun.
i'd have to say george l's is the best choice. capacitance is a big part of guitar tone.

and as far as monster. they try to do all fancy stuff with oddball designs claiming different frequencies favor different types of cable and all kinds of weird stuff about the properties of electrons passing through a conductor. but on all the audiophile sites the guy's go gaga over two things. cat 5 and magnet wire. sometimes silver magnet wire. but since it is not practical to use solid core wire for a musical instrument you should be mainly concerned with capacitance, shielding and reliability/durability. gorge l's has that and monster just has unsubstantiated claims of tonal difference based on design and a big price tag.