Flame Top Bengel Burst

Hello Everyone,

This is my first build. Warmoth is awesome. I have picked EVERYTHING I have ever wanted for a guitar...so here is the start of it all. Waiting on the Flame Maple Neck with Flame Maple Board to arrive....I'll be back with more pics.





Sweet.  I'm really glad this one was purchased by a member.  I'm looking forward to seeing it finished.  The set of three flame tops (I got the blue one on the way) that came in together were all pretty awesome.

What are you putting in it?  It looks like gold hardware.
That blue one is awesome! I am putting gold hardware throughout. Planet waves self trim tuners. Dimarzio Tone Zone/HFH. Love the bursts too. The burst is more suttle here than in photo. In the pics the middle jumps out with more contrast. In person it fades just right. I am vexed on why Gibson cannot put out a top like this one. Not saying they don't have some great stuff as for years I was a consumate Gibson snob...but tone and personal taste should ALWAYS rule over a name. There is always a compromise with what you want when you buy off of a rack (at least in my experience) but not here.
Yes it does, Gregg.

You make the fourth Bengal Burst LP.  The other three, mine and Gregg's included, are on the LP board toward the bottom.  It really is an awesome finish.  I like the way it changes between incandescent and natural light.  Under incandescent light it looks like a Tobacco Burst on steroids and it just explodes in sunlight.  If you haven't yet, take it outside and you'll see what I mean.  I liked it so much I picked up a Bengal Burst tele too, but that one is still in the works for completion as I felt a need to pick up that Blue Flame LP.
I'm assuming that I can get that burst in a hollow VIP - is that correct?

Just lining up future options...
What are the colors in the Bengal Burst?  I've seen some that look like they have a touch of purple.  This one looks like the center is black dye then turns to yellow-red-black burst.
They all have what I assume is black grain filler throughout.  Some come out darker than others.  Other than that it is natural in the middle, then yellow/gold, then a red and then black at the edges.  They're a little odd to photograph because they come out so different depending on the light.  The yellow is very gold at night, and the red is much more of a rust color. 
Hey all you Bengel Burst Boys,

Do you think that the B-Burst would look good with black pickups (say - P90s) and black hardware?
Nice guitar!

I tried to order a bengal burst V2, but was told that the burst would be too compressed with the thin tips of the V.  Oh well.  I opted for black grain fill and yellow dye with a black thin burst. 
Sir Shredsalot said:
I can't wait to see the neck with the body! Did you get a matching headstock?

It will have a flame maple headstock as well. Lots of flames everywhere. Hoping it won't be overkill...but the figuring on the neck should not pop out too much...we shall see.
I thought I wouldn't like this color, but there is so much depth to it its really nice looking.
Bengal Bursts RULE

gold hardwear ... great.. zebra pu.. also a great look with the BB

call me crazy but you know what would be totally badass on that guitar??

a tele rosewood neck.. but that's just me  :guitaristgif:

I can hardly look at it it's so flashy... but not like metallic candy sparkle flashy... like its "my axe is holier than thou's axe" flashy!!!

Awesome burst dude!