Fender Hot Rod Deville


I have the 2x12 version, and since I'm starting to play bigger and better shows, I want an extension cab, either 2 12" speakers or four. However, my amp will put out four ohms, I'm having trouble finding a cab with a high enough power rating. Any suggestions? Thanks
50 watt amp, right? 4 or 2 ohms according to the fender site.

A 2 x 12 cab loaded with two 8 ohm speakers in parallel will give you 4 ohms. Plug that into
the external speaker jack, and it will run the cab in parallel with the internal speakers for a total of 2 ohms.

Try this guy. He'll load a 2x12 with any speaker you want.

Get a 4x12 cabinet.  Nobody ever went wrong with a 4x12 cabinet.

Get one that does 8 ohms.  That would be four 8 ohm 12's wired in series/parallel combination.

Now wire your 2x12 4 ohm HRD as 8 ohms internally.  Plug in the external 8 ohm load - voila - back to 4 ohms.

Power will be distributed across the entire load and should not be an issue at all.
sounds cool, of course I'm a poor college student who just ordered my first Warmoth guitar, got get me more money first. Could sell my other axes :-\
ive had fraud problems with avatar before

he claims to have celestions under value
for instance he takes a (suposedly) vintage 30 a 120 dollar speaker, breaks it in with bench time, and sells it for 90 bux after a 15 hour bench run

when the speaker came it was noisy and buzzy, i had taken it to a specialist for reconing, and he explaoined to me what celestion told me when i called the uk for the parts depot

the guy buys speakers hat did not pass bench tests to begin with

his hellatone speakers are the vintage 30 voiced but NOT vintage 30 speakers.....the frames are different and the cones are different
i bought a full set, and 2 blew out...i went to get them reconed and the cones did not work at forst with the depth size at the end near the voice coil

i beleive this guy is a fraud

clestion told me he buys overstocked items that did not pass inspection, even if the speakers were benched at celestion they had to be able to passa spectrum analyzer to ensure the proper frequencies were prominent

they speaker they told me are similar to the loaded cabs tht come with crate, or other brands

they said that they are similar to vin 30 but arent the same, material on the cone, material on the gasket, material on the suspension was not the same

after pulling em out, i ended up throwing thm away cuz other knew what i did not know....i compared them to my real vintage 30's and they did not look the same

i do not like this guys buissness practices......as far as his building skill its nice he knows whats up, but as far as his celestion bullshit, id call up celestion in uk and ask about the buissness, they will tell you that he does not buy regular stock, there is a reason why his speakers are soo cheap, and that is qualithy, tone, and failed bench at the origional factory
on a second note someone also told me, he had them built to the vin 30 spec for instance, but requested the cheapest materials used to drive down his cost, i heard he pays 20 a speaker or less in some cases

im not sure, but celestion in the uk told me his stock is not vin 30 stoick and is not labeled...and each of thoe vin30 failed bechers he got are concidered to be all different with counter acting tones within each one

im not sure, but ive seen this same shit when i bought a set of hellatones from him  nothing sounded good, and it all was shit build.....

not i have vin30 from the early 80's and they still rock harder and louder, and equal to brand news ones i bough about two years ago after i threw the entire set out i bought from this guy

wat a fraud!!!
Well I for one have 2 Avatar cabs.  One with dual Blues, and another with the Hellatone 30/60 combo.  They both sound great to my ears.  I've put at least 100 hours of cranked tube time on both of them, and they both sound awesome, better than the day I got 'em.  I've dragged them all around to tons of places.  Inside, outside, cold, hot, humid, dry, they have held up wonderfully.  I do take very good care of them.  I load all my own gear in and out, and after every gig they get wiped down.  Dave's gear has never been anything but good to me, and I find it very hard to believe that he uses anything but top shelf parts.  I've done AB tests with my cab and Bogner, Mesa, and Marshall cabs.  Mine sounded the best out of all of them (with my amps), and the build quality was better than all but the Bogner, with which is was on par.

all i know is that the speakers he sells arent exactly what they are claimed to be

and i got 4 and had tons of issues
and reconing them was a parts challenge, since the vin30 cones arent the same

maybe i had a bad experience

also celestion did a deal informing me that the stock he receives isnt the vin30 stock....but  oh well, times change now dont they?
Side question: All other things, especially speaker model, being equal; are 4 speakers really louder than 2 when driven by the same amp?

Are you just looking for a more impressive back line?

If you're on a budget, you can replace the marginal speakers that come stock in the DeVille with better, more efficient (louder), better sounding speakers for $200-300.

If you're playing venues too large for a 50 watt amp with efficient speakers (100dB@1w or better) to punch through, you're going to need to mike the amp through the PA anyway.

dudesweet157 said:
You gain about 3-4db with each additional speaker (of the same sensitivity) that you add.

Could you explain which law of physics would apply and explain that?
jackthehack said:
dudesweet157 said:
You gain about 3-4db with each additional speaker (of the same sensitivity) that you add.

Could you explain which law of physics would apply and explain that?

i've heard that and questioned it my self. it should be more like evrery time you double cone area you get almost 3db but i'm really not sure of that either, i can see how increasing the cone area with a comon motor will increase sesitivity but am unsure of effect of splitting current across two. only testing can tell for sure. but adding speakers in parallel will reduce impedence and increase curent and therefore power but not quite that of a perfect matematical model. the components are only rated for so much. this is a tube amp so that's not really an option anyway.
I have to say I agree with Jack.

Without going into the maths of it......whilst you add another speaker, you actually spread the total power across two loads.  Therefore you still have the same total amount of power = no louder or quieter in terms of actual power dissipated.
However, the increase in speakers may give you an increased "Percieved" loudness and projection (especially if you have one speaker on one side of the stage and another speaker on the other side) simply because your ear can hear two different sources playing the same thing.

As for impedances of speakers, you have to be so careful when adding or changing speakers (especially with valve amps) as they have to be matched to the output transformers (hence a lot of valve amps have impedance selectors on the back next to the speaker connections).  If you present a mismatched load you can change the way the transformers input side reacts to the output. If you're not careful this could damage the valves or worse, the transformer itself.

As Jack mentioned, you could fit a more efficient/sensitive speaker (of the same impedance), which actually would give you more level / volume relative to the total of power output of the amp, as it does'nt waste energy / power in trying to make the cone move.

Clear as mud???????

Anyway, I ended up finding a nice Peavy 4x12 used from the early ninetys, was vheaper, but still has the drive I wanted.. Just used it at rams head live in Bmore and had no problems...You guys know anything about peavy? Its a guitar 4x12 from 91'. BTW I love my new warmoth strat!!!
Nobody in the history of mankind has ever been able to kill a Peavey. I recommend them all the time without hesitation. Built to last.