favorite bass player?


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who is your favorite bass player

this is mine

The Jacks, Bruce & Casady
Duck Dunn
Victor Wooten
Berry Oakley
Ron Carter
Mike Watt
Roger Glover
Chris Squire
Rob Turnpaugh from Crash Landing

And about 500 others.

Speaking of Casady, I have a schematic for a Versatone amp, also used by Carol Kaye. Email me with Versatone in the subject line if you're interested. A very strange amp, electronically speaking.
Can I get a Hell Yeah on the Mike Watt.  I have seen him perform about forty or so time with all manner of supporting players, and supporting all manner of players and the dude is just flat out amazing. 
Hands down, Charlie Hunter.  He plays an eight string bass/guitar.  Note that the rotary sounding guitar rhythm is also him playing.


BTW... even if you don't like the music make sure you check out the last half of the video where you can actually see him playing.
I can't believe no one has said Geddy Lee,   maybe not the most slap happy technical player, but very inovative.  
OK, one more Charlie Hunter.  I didn't post this first because audio quality sucks, and you can barely hear the bass.

Ben Allison (also my favorite composer), John Myung, Allan Woody, Dave Holland, Charlie Haden
Ron Carter and Sting are holding 1 & 2 at the moment

Pin~o Pallidino is a close third as is Abe Laboriel and Felix Pepilardi

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It's now the Charlie Hunter appreciation thread.
Looks like the back of the neck is raw.

If 6 Was 9
Check out his comping. I don't know if I've heard more subtle, unobtrusive guitar backing anywhere!
Tweed said:
Check out his comping. I don't know if I've heard more subtle, unobtrusive guitar backing anywhere!

I am glad someone else here appreciates the skill he has.  I was taking a chance throwing out a jazz musicians name (not sure how many jazz listeners there are here).
Wow, tough call.  There's no one favorite for me.  Here's a short list of who I enjoy listening to and may have influenced me in some way:

Alain Caron, James Jamerson, Duck Dunn, Jimmy Haslip, Jaco, Rocco Prestia, the Nashville session cats, James Brown's various bass players, Todd Johnson (my teacher), Steve Kim (another teacher), John Patittuci, etc...
Tweed said:
Wow, Jaco Pastorius of course.

The name wasn't familiar to to me so did a little search.  I was both impressed and amused by this video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdY-KAmj5fU  (can't embed this one)
I am a HUGE jazz freak, but I like it old school.  Jazz Bassists???  Without question, Paul Chambers, I mean, the guy played with John freakin Coltrane and Miles Friggin Davis.   No slouch there!