F-Holes on a 7/8 Chambered Body?


It appears that F-holes are only available for standard size Strat and Tele chambered bodies, not the 7/8 versions.

Could this be a custom request, or is it simply not possible to fit those in?

Is there enough open space in the chambered body for me to cut my own (perhaps a smaller, cat-eye shape)?
After talking with our shop foreman here it probably can't be done as an off-menu option. A loooong time ago some programming was written for it, but we have not offered it on the last three websites, so it's likely that at some point we decided to stop offering it because it was problematic.
Thanks so much for checking with the shop! I'm still curious to know if there's room for me to cut my own. Are there photos of the chambered 7/8 body prior to adding the laminate top?