Black Korina Chambered Tele

Scab Pickens

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A request was made a while back to share some more photos of this one. So, I thought I'd post a few ...

Black Korina on Black Korina chambered Tele replacement body 1 F-hole
7/8 side hole, forearm contour, tummy cut, contoured heel
Black to clear burst, black back burst over (satin)
Gotoh In-Tune engraved 3 saddle bridge
Gotoh engraved control and neck plates
.90 matte black F-hole Tele pickguard
Schaller strap locks
TV Jones Starwood Tele pickups
Armadillo solid brass volume/tone knobs and switch tip
Cheap brass pickguard screws - might switch to black at some point, might not
Emerson pre-wired electronics
Chrome square jack plate

Vintage/Modern Tele neck, 1-3/4 standard thin, 10-16, 22 frets (SS6105)
Roasted flame maple shaft, ebony board
Black TUSQ nut, white pearloid trapezoid inlays, white side dots
Staggered Schaller 135 locking tuners
No finish

This was my first Warmoth build and I'm extremely happy about the way it turned out. Looks wonderful (to me, at least) and plays/sounds great.

Tele Body Front.jpgTele Full.jpgTele Head Back.jpgTele Head Front.jpgTele Heel.jpgTele Neck Front.jpg
Killer looking Tele! All those special details that you chose, look perfect. I never would have considered trapezoid inlays on this style of guitar, but the pics don’t lie… That guitar looks damn good with those inlays!
Thanks, @syscokid !

The trapezoids just kind of happened. This was a showcase neck that I drooled over for probably two months before not being able to take it any longer. I had my doubts about those inlays, too. I love the way they look on this particular guitar, though. I started out as a Les Paul player. Don't own one anymore, so it kind of gives me good flashbacks of my old Standard.

I'm even thinking about going full silly mode and putting an Hombre neck with block inlays on my next Tele (the infamous "extra hole" body).
I'm clueless here! Hombre neck? "extra hole" body? Guide me to some more info if you don't mind.

Hombre Neck.jpgExrta Hole Tele.jpg
So nice. I have been itching to build a carved-top chambered tele with black korina for the core - I just know Warmoth could do such a great job with it. A nice flashy top and the korina together would look so good.
Yeah, it's killing me.

Well, I couldn't justify the overdone pearly-swirly on that neck and also the super thin Wizard profile. I just pulled the trigger on this one for the "extra hole Tele"! o_O 10-16 compound radius '59 Roundback. Ebony on Rosewood 1-11/16". Woo-Hoooo!!! 😆 . I'll eventually start my first official "build thread" for this one at some point, I think. Sorry for the sidetrack on the original post ... :whistle:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

The Black Korina Tele is still awesome. I LOVE the TV Jones Starwood Tele pickups!