DIY Veneer


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I saw the page on projectguitar, but am wondering if anyone here has any direct experience with applying veneer to a top. I've got 12 or so sheets of this veneer (walnut, IIRC) I picked up years ago on the cheap @ Rockler just in case I might someday find a use for it. Now I am about to embark on my first test/learningproject and am feeling experimental. Tips/links/warnings/encouragement appreciated...

Here's an example of the veneer (dry so the grain doesn't show up all that well):


So what exactly are your plans to put it on? Looks like some nice veneer, how thick? And Rockler has some cool stuff, I got a couple of fingerboard blanks from them. One canary and one a Bolivian Rosewood, very pretty stuff.... :icon_thumright: