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Ok, since my Line 6 is gone I'm putting together a collection of pedals.  Anybody have a favorite delay pedal.  I'll probably go with the tried and true Boss DD-6, but since I'm shopping I thought I'd look around.
If you aren't going to use an EchoPlex/Roland Space Echo; pedal wise the way to go is the Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler; everything else pales in comparison....
I have an old Yamaha UD Stomp that I really like.  It has a fairly steep learning curve, which was a pain, but I like that I can have up to 8 separate delays going at the same time.  The effect can be very subtle or very, very lush.  I originally bought it because it has a bunch of settings created by Allan Holdsworth and I was interest in trying to recreate some of his sounds.  (uh, yeah... right)
Well, I'm a confirmed Luddite. More than 3 knobs on anything bewilders me, so my Ibanez DE-7 is perfect for me. Cheap, too.
The Ibanez DE-3 is the analog delay right?  That's one I've been considering.  I like the simple 3 knob format too.

Have you had any problems with the Line 6 DL-4?  I'm sure it sounds good but it dosen't always get great reviews for quality..

The one I REALLY want is the Maxon AD-999 analog delay.  The price tag is a bit much though ($330ish)
Not sure about the quality reviews, where did you see anything negative there; it's more solidly built than a lot of effects boxes available...

Haven't had any issues at all with it; there are infinite settings possibilities and the only real issues is tweaking the thing and deciding on what three main settings you want to use for your presets.  Playing live you're kinda fixed to those presets unless you take time to change settings on the fly; this is the most versatile delay effect out there bar none.
the reviews posted on Harmony Central are less than steller, at least as far as reliablility.  (average 6.6 but lot's of 1's and bad storys in the user reviews)

I did look on ebay and found some of the Maxon's for $220-275 though.

It is really hard to beat the reliability of Boss pedals though.  I'm just wanting to be different...
that's kinda why I'm here asking questions...

But I will say that my Line 6 flextone was pretty reliable.  The memory quit though, and buttons on the floorboard would quit from time to time.  A guitar player in a band I was in had issues with his pod and floorboard too. 

I didn't really think HC's review's were that far off the mark for the most part.  If you read the full review and analize it a little you can usually tell if it's a valid concern or just an A-hole who expects too much.  Kinda like watching the news, you watch CNN, MSNBC, and FOX, disreguard half of it and make your own conclusion  :laughing7:
jackthehack said:
Anything on Harmony Central needs a large grain of salt chaser....
You've got that right! The last review I left on HC was so heavily edited by the (then) owners that I haven't been back since.
I have the Line 6 Echo Park for two months. Lots of options, sounds good. It's connected with the 1spot (along with other pedals), no problems so far.


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I use the DD-6, its awesome for a compact Stompbox.  I dont know anything about any of the other pedals people talk about honestly. All i've ever used is Boss and a couple DoD pedals.  But the DD 6 is awesome.. It does a lot of stuff.
i use a guyatone md-2 and a md3. no frills sweet delay sounds here .they can get a pretty good chours sound also i like them because their not harsh at all in an effects loop and sound just as good straight in the face of the amp.
That DD-6 does do everything, I guess if it's not broke don't fix it right?  Might get that for now and look into a analog delay some day.

I didn't realize posts on HC could be edited?  sorry I'm so naive.  While I've never put a lot of weight in the gear reviews, I never really stopped to think the posts could be edited.  thanks for the info...
In all honesty I want to give the DD-20 a spin.  Its what i wanted to buy over the DD 6 but  there were availability issues.  The only thing stopping me from buying a DD 20 right now is the fact that ... i've already got a delay pedal.
Because I like to think I am a keen DIYer I built myself a BYOC delay pedal. I only need subtle echo effects so serves me well. Although most people find 300ms delay is not enough.
I too built a BYOC delay which I thoroughly love.  Not too long of a delay time but I find myself constantly turning the knobs with my feet to change the sound of it on the fly.  It's crisp yet has a good analog feel, kind of a blend between analog fullness and digital crispness.

I also have a boss dd-6 which I like, but plan to phase out at some point because I find I only use it for looping, and had no idea I'd be hooked on looping. 

I've heard good things about the dl-4 and also the maxon analog. I've seen a lot of bands using them, so as far as the line 6, I think it'd be a good bet.

Don't think I would enjoy playing if I didn't have some sort of a delay pedal! :D
Hey Guys, what or who is BYOC?  some kinda put it together yourself pedel kit?

Anyone got a link?    I'll Google it in the meantime and see what i get.    thanks