Day jobs?


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Hey guys, just wondering what you all do for a living.

I was an apprentice mechanic for a while, but I had to give it up, partly due to back problems, and partly due to hatred for the industry  :icon_biggrin:

Now I'm a security guard...  Yay!

Thinking on going back to college for a different trade...  perhaps some sort of wood manufacturing course?

How about you?
Going back to the dawn of time, miniature golf course manager, Woolco stockboy, delivery driver, bellhop, pizza cook, carpet layer (a job that will take decades off of your life...), and then a tax collector for 28 years after I figured out a retirement account might be a good idea. Somewhere in there was a week spent cleaning out cement silos for Manpower when I was dead broke in '76. I'll starve to death before doing that again.
I'm a Production Control Analyst in a shipyard that makes luxury yachts.  You would be amazed at the figured wood that they put into these.  It's kind of a shame.  Some of that wood would make beautiful guitars.  Before this I attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery.  I keep guitar building and repair as a hobby.
Man, you guys are all pros!  I'm gonna have to pro myself up soon if I'm gonna feed this building itch that I got... :rock-on:
Graphic artist like my pappy before me. 21 years in the advertising industry. NOW BUY SOME CRAP!!!!

(That's a pro at work, right there.)
I have said this before, but I will say it again in preface to this question:  My job does not define me like the things I do outside of work.  That said, I am a restaraunt manager.  What I like about my job is that it is a very cool restaraunt, and we have a great bunch of freaks working there (whenever we are written about in local papers, they can't avoid talking about how many tattoos the staff has collectively and such nonsense)  and I am allowed a great deal of creative freedom in menu choices and daily specials.  We try not to have the same special twice in one year!  However, when people ask me "What do you do?"  my first response is never "I'm a restaraunt manager".  I usually tell them that I am an ethnomusicologist and an artist of many media!
Jwheeler said:
Photographer.  My wife and I own

As one up to his assets in Hasselblad.... I can appreciate that!~

Me.  Things I've done (that I can share).

Cleaned the lunchrooms and lavetories of the school I went to high school in.
Stock clerk.
Ranch hand.
Resort Photographer
Camera store employee (did everything)
Photographer again (this time for IBM)
Industrial tool designer
Electronics Repair Tech
Firearms training instructor
Reloading tool designer
Irrigation Service Electronics shop manager
Wholesale Distributors Service Tech
Jr College Professor (part time)

Along the way, I've taken on several "special projects" that have involved my experience with plastics, machining, gun smithing, and electronics.

If I died tonight, I'd not feel like life cheated me one bit.  Its been a grand trip so far.  Kudo's and toasts to all my friends, and major flip offs to those who screwed me over!

Currently "Sr. Systems Engineer" for a large cell phone OEM. This entails pointing out the obvious to sales/mrkting types and attempting to keep their heads from the rectal position and daily battling the evil minions of Sprint.
Electrician  IBEW-48, (20 yrs) many years at Intel. USMC Avionics before that. restraunt manager before that (McDonalds) yes i still love McD's

construction trade will break your body over time

Guitlouie, I wanna try your food :)
Hey, thanks, man.  Today we did an Ancho Crusted Sirlion wrap with Chipotle Sour Cream and homemade Pico De Gallo.  I'm told it was top notch, but as a crazy vegetarian for the last seventeen years, I didn't even get to try my own creation!
Grad student, before that an inglich teachur and before that waiter / bartender / busboy, before that random stuff like christmas tree trimmer, butcher shop cleaner-boy, etc.
Building data networks for Deutsche Telekom - responsible for ordering the local access part in Belgium.
Into my 4th separate career.
From the start:
Bank Officer (clerk)
Finance Company clerk
Protective Service Officer with the Australian Protective Service (federal law enforcement/security)

But nowadays, I am a Bus Driver....and very happy doing it too. This job is the one I've been most comfortable with.
I went to music school(berklee) and actually got my degree in music production and engineering, so obviously.....  since graduating I spend 2 years bartending followed by the past 5 1/2 working in accounting for a major hotel chain.

Apparently music doesn't pay the mortgage (or pay for warmoth stuff) as well as a regular 9-5 does. :)

I work for a property holding company in London. Or in American - I'm in Commerical Real Estate.

Before that I worked as a kitchen porter for the catering company employed at the Cadbury chocolate factory in Birmingham, England. Thats was fun, met a lot a colourful characters there and for a kid in 6th form (high school) that was a great paying job.

I also worked in a kitchen of a poor quality leisure centre and golf course, which was not so fun, but I was at Uni and needed money for beer.